2022 Scholarships for High School Senior and Undergraduate Students in U S.A

In this article consist list of 2022 Scholarships Opportunities you can Apply If you reside in the united states of America. I have vividly found out some Scholarships Opportunity while you are either still in high School or undergraduate and graduate students.

International Students are not eligible to Apply for any of these Scholarships Opportunities as it is only meant for citizens in the united states. Take Advantage of any of these 2022 Scholarships Opportunities you want or any that suit your desired needs while still studying in high school or an undergraduate in either colleges or Universities and also graduate for your masters and post Doctoral degrees.

Grants for U.S ($5000 Grants for Hispanic and Latina)


If you are passing through some illness and find it difficult to also sponsor your education finances either tuition fees or other miscellaneous spendings because you realize either you, your parents or Guidance Angel  spend so much on your illness, I endorse these Scholarships as a way of financing your education during your Academic years.

Apply to any of these Scholarships starting from January 2022 as early as possible while keeping in mind some of the qualifications you may need and also eassy writing.

Top 2022 Scholarships for Students With Some Peculiar illness

These are some of the Scholarships you should apply starting from January 2022. Ensure you met the required standard before applying to any of these Scholarships.


If you have been managing cyctic Fibrosis or your parent are suffering from this same illness, You can apply for this Scholarship to help in financing your education while still in school. This Scholarship is for both undergraduate and Graduate when you show need for academic accomplishment and intelligence.



  • Must shown in need of financial Aid.
  • Scholastic Ability and Potential Leadership is Required.
  • A phone interview with committee member is also Compulsory as a semi-finalist.

The following Documents are needed;

  • A letter from Physician (Cyctic Fibrosis result)
  • Application and Recent Photo
  • Breakdown of tuition cost
  • Tax return (self-employed) or W2 form.
  • Transcript(s)



Another 2022 Scholarships Opportunity to consider is the Fred scheigert Scholarship as this Scholarship is also available to only three (3) students as it is a competitive Scholarship with each student getting a whopping sum of $3000.

Applicants who are eligible for this scholarship must be visually impaired or with low vision as Fred scheigert Scholarship covers your Institution fees but must be a full-time.

Applicants are advise to visit Fred scheigert Scholarship portal every year starting from January as 2022 Applicants can also apply in January 2022.


  • An acceptance letter must be attached to the Application process
  • Two (2) Academic/Professional letters of Recommendation also Compulsory.
  • Transcripts

This Application will be open from January to 15th march 2022.


Central Washington University (CWU) students can participate in this 2022 Scholarships Opportunities as students can only be qualified for George and Dorothy Mulinski Scholarship only with a documented Physical disability with the university, the 2022 Application opens on 1st February.


  • Documentation of Physical disability with CWU.
  • Must be a Current CWU student.
  • Must be in need of financial Aid.
  • Complete a form with Federal student aid FAFSA before deadline.
  • Documents verifying your Disability by a Physician.
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation.
  • Eassy while pursuing your Education and Effect of your Disability on your Academics.


Another 2022 Scholarships Opportunity you can apply for is P. Buckley moss Scholarships the founder who is a victim of dystexia has offered her support to also provide Scholarship for people who have interest in Visual Arts and learning differences.

It’s provide up to $1000 for a high school senior who intend to further in line with visual arts and scholarship are reviewed for three consecutive years based on individual eligibility and the amount also varies from year to year.

Bipolar Scholarships for Americans Application form 2021-2022



  • High School Senior (Final year)
  • Career in Visual Arts.
  • Must show in Need of financial Aid.
  • Verified Language-related Differences.


This Scholarship deals with Federal criminal matter as Applicants must show a down Syndrome or Autism. Varghese Summersett offer down Syndrome Scholarship to two of their attorney whose children suffers this illness.


  • A video by either the parents, relative or teacher on how this Scholarship will be beneficial to the student.
  • A letter of recommendation is required as applicants are expected to submit alongside with other requirements.
  • Bio-data of applicants must also be used as agreed between the student and Varghese Summersett.

Application Deadline  start from January 2022 which runs up to 1st, April 2022 as application submitted after the deadline date is null and void.


PREJAX 2022 Scholarships Opportunity is available to high school senior, high school graduate and undergraduate students but must have a MS or either parent or caregiver have MS and must be enrolled in 12-hours per semester course work and for Undergraduate, post secondary grade is required.


  • Transcript(s) is required.
  • Letter of Reference from non-family members or relatives.
  • An essay of not less than 500 words on the Effects of Parent’s MS has impacted your life.
  • USPS Email is needed.
  • Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts should be sent together.

Application will be open from the first of January 2022 till the 30th of April 2022 as applicants who applied after the deadline date of 1st April will not be considered.

Disclaimer: Our Website is not in Affiliation with any of these Scholarships website, We Disseminate these information as We Receive them to Reach the Appropriate Channel or interested Applicants to Apply based on their interest. You can as well share our Website URL to pass these Scholarships information.


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