2022 Singapore PostDoc Position Fellowship in SZU-NUS Innovation Center

There are few job opening at the SZU-NUS collaborative Innovation center in Singapore which is announced by the the LU Jiong’s Group Atomic-Scale Microscopy and device. Apply for 2022 Singapore PostDoc Position Fellowship at “Surface Science & Nanophotonics lab”, A department held by Prof. Wenjing ZHANG (SZU) and Prof. Andrew WEE in Shenzhen University-National University of Singapore.

There are  several Postdoc position you can apply for at the University Department with several positions needing highly qualified Researchers to fill in these positions. The center was founded in June 2014 with the aim of providing verse research findings in Atomic-scale microscopy (STM/AFM), Single atom catalysis/electrocatalysis and 2D material growth and devices.

Are you interested in this position, these are the Research Area for Available postdoc positions at the Shenzhen national University in Singapore

RESEARCH POSITIONS (2022 Singapore PostDoc Position Fellowship) 

The 2022 Singapore Postdoc Position Fellowship research positions for job openings at the NZU-SZU collaborative innovation center are as follows;

  1. Atomic-scale microscopy (STM/AFM): Check out Abstract of the nature of this research findings Here
  2. Single atom catalysis/electrocatalysis: Check the Abstract of the nature of this research findings Here
  3. 2D material growth and devices: Check Out the Sample and nature of this reaserch findings Here

Conditions For 2022 Singapore PoctDoc Fellowship Position

  • Applicants must have a Good publication record journals (SCI).
  • Candidates with proven expertise in lab setup will be given Priority.
  • PhD degree in materials science, synthetic chemistry, polymer, battery or related fields.

Singapore Postdoc Position Fellowship  BENEFITS

These are some of the acquainted benefits attached to the Postdoc fellowship at the Collaborative and Innovative center in Shenzhen national University.

  • Salary could worth up tp 50k SDG per year depending on the position
  • Applicants Get opportunities for job after Completion of the Fellowship program.
  • An Outstanding performance deserves recommendation as you can be selected for a position in SZU center.
  • Housing Subsidy if your chosen to work in Shenzhen city.
  • 100k RMB start-up funding if working in Shenzhen city.

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Document Required for 2022 Singapore Postdoc Position Fellowship


Although there maybe more to these but Here are some of the regular required documents to be submitted with your CV to the Appropriate Channel  for the 2022 Singapore postdoc position fellowship in SZU-NUS collaborative Innovation center.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • BS and PhD certificates
  • Recommendation letter of supervisor
  • Representative published paper


To apply for this position, applicants are to Send their CV to [email protected] 


The fellowship selection process is solely based on the SZU-NUS Collaborative and Innovation Center as Applicants who are eligible for the 2022 Singapore Postdoc Position Fellowship will be contacted further via their emails for the next step of Action of the fellowship program.

Visit http://icoe.szu.edu.cn/en/index.html for More Details

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