How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job Overseas – Secrets You Don’t Know

So many people who are members of the linkedin community underestimate the power therein of one the top professional social networks for jobs as there are so many opportunities as a linkedin member can benefit so far you are doing it the right way. How then do you know you are using linkedin to promote yourself for employers and recruiters to see your potentials and hire you for a job overseas?. In this Article, you will learn How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job Overseas, secrets you may know but might be doing it in the wrong way.

The World largest Professional network “Linkedin” with over 750+ million members is a social community that brings people of liked-minded together to achieve a purpose or goal. you will therefore have or gain access to knowledge, fore insight and opportunities via the network. As you know it is a platform used for career development and networking which allows jobs hunters to post their “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae” for Recruiters or company’s Recruitment Agency to see and capture their Attention but the best are selected so it is beyond just submitting a document, there are a lot of things to show for it including your skills.

You are now wondering what you are doing wrong that clients or recruiters are not looking your way though matter how impressive you think your CV is or the high prolific university you have attended even if you have graduated at the university of Harvard. Keeping these things in mind doesn’t guarantee anything clients are not interested in all of that but that special skills you exhibited that just wont takes their eyes off you on linkedin.

KEEP CALM! Let Experts Experience We have read and See Helps you in achieving your dream job on linkedin. The Secrets are not brainstorming and brain-tasking, these are just something you need to do regularly while you access linkedin at any time. How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job Overseas is just as Simple as you may want to take but can be as hard as a hard rock when you keep doing the wrong things.

Your Work must show for It but how do i mean? this is not parable as you can get jobs overseas if you have done jobs for someone online and they can stand and reference to your work with all conviction at any time, this is why you need RECOMMENDATION.

Let me take an Example of a Web developer, This skill is blowing Hot in any part of the world and so may companies are looking for Full stack web developer and maintenance to manage the businesses online and needs someone who is up to the task. You are on these platforms like Linkedin, stackoverflow, Jooble, GoAbroad, Indeed worldwide, Monster worldwide, Glassdoor e.t.c but recruiters aren’t noticing you? then let’s work you through these secrets.


At this stage you need to pay attention and read carefully some of these secrets, you might be aware of some of these but aren’t doing it to get the right Recruiters who are desperately in need of your skills, Please Know this is way beyond having a professional CV or RESUME.


Be the best Graduating student at the university of Cambridge in Engineering, Recruiters doesn’t care as it only amount to 20% of what they are looking for, you need that extra push which is your working experience. how does your working experience comes into play on How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job Overseas, its one of the major factor recruiters consider which you must show for it. Engage and provide as many job experience as you can provide, upload your jobs online if needs be. As a web developer, platforms like stackoverflow and github are there to upload your readme files and other jobs you have done professionally. Doing these frequently can land you a big roles in one of the top notch companies who needed an experienced web developer to manage their site(s).


Apply for Immediate Overseas Jobs With No Working Experience(Opens in a new browser tab)


I can go on and on writing books why having a Commercial skills is the biggest factor on How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job Overseas. Your skills is paramount as not having the right skills makes it difficult for recruiters to notice you. definitely it will be something you wouldn’t want to happen. Get two or more commercialize skills can help you and makes you one of the hottest and most searched for all over the world. Having a Profile on Linkedin is one part but having the most searched for skills is the biggest deal. Do you want to be the most biggest deal why not acquired a commercialize skills and add it up to your profiles and documents then Relax and see recruiters hunting for you.


When optimizing your linkedin profile there are some thing to consider and having it at the back of your mind that optimizing a linkedin profile to the highest level is mandatory if you wants to be notice by recruiters because all point out to your profile first before they consider digging deeper to know your abilities and capabilities, these are some of the best way of optimizing a linkedin profile;

  • Using Corporate Photo: one of the best way of optimizing your linkedin profile is to ensure you use a professional photo to gives good impression about yourself, Remember first impression matters and this starts with your profile picture. You cant be shabby by dressing casual and expect company’s recruiters to notice you. This practice is lobby while you think you will attract recruiters even with your professional CV or RESUME, Look Smart LOOK AGILE, Dress Like you are already having an interview and you could just be a step ahead.
  • Frequent Updating: Also go back to the drawing board to take a look at what is missing on your Linkedin Profile. How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job Overseas is not a difficult take home assignment but requires much more effort from you as a person who wants to be expose to the international community. Update your skills when you acquire a new skill, did you recently obtain an additional qualification? common include it, this makes you more of a valuable asset as your value is moved to the upper level hence more pay.
  • Target Relevant Keywords: Adding your skills should include relevant keywords added to your listings, make it relevant and so as Human resource Manager of companies can easily get what they are looking for when they go through your profile, Adding more than one language skill also gives you an upper edge when you are optimizing your profile and recruiters loves such as it boost your chances of getting the job.

how do you build a networking community? this is done by joining groups, please join groups relevant to your skills and be expose to the people in the community. Interact fully with them and you can also to message them directly while you build in intimate relationship with them. Making such connection can speed your way up the ladder to get a job overseas using linkedin “world most professional website” for jobs.
NOTE: Linkedin limit the amount of groups you can join so you need select the groups you join wisely.


When you join linkedin groups don’t think of what you will benefit from others but what others will benefit from you. Help individuals solve their problems when the need arise, offers solution without bias, be detailed in offering solutions as best as possible, Provide online tools which can solve people problem. Ask me why are all these needed? do you want to know why? – the reason is because Recruiters are WATCHING!!!.


How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job Overseas if you don’t follow these companies to get their recent announcements about jobs listings and applying for these jobs when you receive the information as early as possible. This gives you an upper edge in having a top flat rate when you apply early as simple as that.



REMEMBER CONSISTENCY PAYS….. You need to keep doing what you know how to do best and by having a long period of consistency you might never know who is watching, Hard works pays.

According to User @svmk1997 
It’s been 4 years since I moved, but basically makes sure you have a good RESUME and lots of GOOD EXPERIENCE  Keep
Applying to jobs on linkedin, Glassdoor. Use
Relocation and visa sponsorship filters when looking where available. Try to tailor each application and cover letter for the
job to explain why you are good fit for the job and keep Applying.
 Reddit – 2020

Hopefully you have been able to pick one or few points from this article on How To Use Linkedin To Get a Job Overseas, Don’t relent definitely your hard work will pay someday, Shalom!.




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