FBI honors internship 2022 Application Cycle

FBI – Federal Bureau of investigation has open it’s official portal for both undergraduate and postgraduate to apply for FBI honors internship program from 13th September to 17 October 2021 for the chance of beginning a career with fbi honors internship.

Federal Student Aid FAFSA Financial Aid Application 2021-2022


This is an avenue for both undergraduate and postgraduate students to gain massive experience with the FBI with a 10 weeks fully paid internship sponsored by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI). This helps students to get first-hand experience working with the FBI in other to better understand and protect their community. It is one of the most prestigious internship program for students in the country as it’s gears students who study the following courses;

  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Cyber
  • Other courses. (science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics)

A GS-5 pay will be given to interns who enrolled as a bachelor for full-time while other enrollment will be rewarded with a GS-4 pay which includes undergraduate students that enroll for graduate course. Students who enrolled for FBI honors internship will have a chance to work with fbi employees at Washington DC Headquarters.

Eligibility for Internship Program 

The Criteria for Applying for FBI honors internship is as follows;

  1. Must be citizen of the united states.
  2. Must have a Great Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 during the time of Application for the Internship by the interns.
  3. Must be attending a university as either undergraduate, postgraduate or a post Doctoral degree.
  4. Pass Every investigation on Employment Background to be cleared as Top secret.

Skills Needed for Application

Applicants who applies for FBI internship must posses the following skills needed;

  1. Must be self-motivated and self-conscious
  2. Must be initiative
  3. Must have a collaborative Effort
  4. Posses Decision-making skills
  5. Good in Oral communication skills while also writes perfectly
  6. Must posses interpersonal skills

Choice of Location 

Applicants are permitted to choose 6 locations which will be convenient for them during these 10-weeks of Internship Program organized by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) although the FBI honors internship locations are restricted in certain areas as applicants are left to bare the cost of transportation. For more inquiries on location visit The Page

How To Apply 

Applicants are Adhere to fill two Application forms when applying for FBI honors internship program 2022. Ensure you fill out these forms and signatory from registrar or dean in your Institutions



Application Deadline 

The FBI honors internship application 2022 runs till 17th October 2021, Ensure you apply and submit before the due date, Early applicants are priority.


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