Turkey Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students in 2022


There are lots of scholarships opportunities available for Bangladeshi student, if you are a student of Bangladesh and you requested to study abroad in a country like Turkey, the scholarships available to Bangladeshi students in turkey are numerous and in this article, we are going to list Turkey Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students in 2022/23 Academic session. Let take a look at some of the scholarship as you outline which of these scholarship is best fit for you.

If you are delighted to work to your success in becoming one of the eligible participants of any of these scholarship then you have to met up with the criteria’s of these scholarship to gain it. Most of these scholarships have their own requirements, the more you meet up with these requirements the better and higher chance you have if you are to gain scholarship in Turkey.

Some of these scholarships are either Government Scholarships (fully-funded), Private Organization, Firms and Businesses Own scholarships. They could either be Partially funded or Fully-funded as the case may be.

Turkey Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students will be outline below as you go through each and every of these scholarships to determine which one is the best fit for you base on their requirements.


We are listing 8 scholarships you can apply for as a Bangladeshi students in 2022, check out these ongoing scholarships opportunities, requirements and how to apply for any of these scholarships in turkey.

Turkey Burslari Scholarships

This scholarship is available to all nationalities around the world hence one of the Turkey Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students to apply for in 2022/23. It is a Fully-Funded scholarship by the Turkish government, it is a very competitive scholarship for full-time or part-time students who wants to study in turkey.

This scholarship is for international students and then Bangladeshi is no exception as you can apply fir this scholarships opportunity in turkey as student who reside in Bangladesh.


Age is considered when applying for turkey Burslari scholarship
Certificates in your previous degree is mandatory
Community services in your home country during your previous school is needed.


Ensure you have all the requirements and follow the application procedures to apply for Turkish government scholarship also known as Turkiye burslari scholarship, You can apply HERE.

TUBITAK International Fellowship For Research

This fellowship is for international researcher who are outstanding with the aim to support researchers with leading innovation, scientific and technological achievements. Bangladeshi students who wants to conduct their research in industrial and public institution can apply for this fellowship available in turkey. Although this fellowship is for post-doctoral or Ph.D. students who wants to further their education in science field like Engineering and technological and medical science.


Curriculum vitae from ARBIS
Copies of original certificate of graduation with a certified English translation if the documents is not in English or turkey.
Proposal form (see sample)
See other requirements here for Early Stage Researcher click Here


To apply for this fellowship or scholarship by TUBITAK International Fellowship For Research, click HERE to apply for the fellowship 


International students worldwide including Bangladeshi students have a fair share of scholarship opportunities to study in turkey at the university of sabanci. This scholarship is automatically evaluated when you apply for admission at the university  after applicants have met with the requirements as these scholarships are very competitive and limited , Ensure you fill in the columns if you want to be considered for scholarship while the university will manually evaluated each scholarship applicants.


This Turkey Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students requires you to meet certain criteria before submitting your application which includes the following;

Reference letter
Academic background
Interview Results with any other documents showing your academic performance. Olympaid certificates (if applicable)


To apply for Sabanci universitesi scholarship and see the Application Deadline Dates, click HERE 


This is a PhD program available for both Turkish citizens and international students. It can be either fully-funded or partial scholarship, the fully-funded scholarship or partially funded for Turkish citizens and fully/partially funded for international students. Turkey Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students you should consider is the graduate programs scholarship opportunities which the requirements are as follows;


A minimum of 3.00 out of 4.00 CGPA or equivalent from an undergraduate degree program.
A 65 ALES score and above or graduated  with 2.75 – 2.99 CGPA for undergraduate degree program.


A minimum of 3.00 out of 4.00 CGPA or equivalent from an undergraduate degree program.

A 65 ALES score and above or graduated  with 2.75 – 2.99 CGPA for undergraduate degree program (turkey citizen) or minimum of 3.50 out of 4.00 CGPA or equivalent from a graduate (Master’s) degree.


To apply for graduate programs scholarship opportunities from eastern Mediterranean university and see the Application Deadline Date, click HERE 


This scholarship opportunities is for students with leadership skills which is meant to demand success from Bangladeshi students as it tends to support qualified students with merit scholarship program. Students will be rewarded with monthly stipends of 2 times higher than the regular payments


You must acquire patient license
Must have a minimum of 3.50 out of 4.00 CGPA
Those who scored top points in their national exams
Must have published scientific article on journal scanned by science citation index, science citation index expanded, social science citation index and humanities citation index

Check other requirements from the scholarship website


To apply for Turkey merit scholarship program and see the Application Deadline Date, click HERE 


The Application for this scholarship opportunity is now open as one of the Turkey Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students is the success scholarship . This scholarship is available to international students and bachelor’s, master’s and post doctoral level. This scholarship is a wing of turkiye burslari scholarship which will help the Bangladeshi students in acquiring knowledge and acquire new innovation while the study in turkey. It is categorize under full-time program and part-time program, the full time program  for undergraduate are offer in field of study like health and social science which is a four year degree program while the part-time program is a two year program  which is between 3 to 12 months  which is aim to attract researcher across the world.


Academic standing to study medicine is 90%
PHD student should be less than 35 years of Age
Academic standing for undergraduates is 70%
Academic standing for post-graduate (master’s & PhD) is 75%


To apply for Turkey success scholarship and see the Application Deadline Date, click HERE 


this fellowship program is for prospective students in Bangladesh and around the world who are interested in journalism to get a first-hand experience in the field. A hands-on experience in news programmes, digital and vision department, learning how its works from the room of newsroom, work experience with traditional broadcast and digital journalists.


To apply for TRT fellowship program and see the Application Deadline Date, click HERE 


This Turkey Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students is available and it is a fully-funded scholarship in turkey. FSMVU has about 7 faculties 1 institution and 2 vocabulary schools, 15 research centers and 2 language schools all located within the peninsula of Istanbul. It is a fully-funded scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students which some certain criterica’s must be met.


To apply for Fatih sultan mehmet scholarship and see the Application Deadline Date, click HERE


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How do you get a 100% scholarship?

Are you interested in getting a 100% scholarship as a bangladeshi students? some of thes scholarship listed above will give you the opportunity to study on a fully funded scholarship in turkey. TRT fellowship program, Sabanci universitesi scholarship among others listed above are fully-funded or 100% scholarship.

What does the turkey scholarship cover
Studying in Turkey does covers some expenses if you are applying as a full-time student or a part-time student and these are some of them;
  • Tuition fees
  • Students banks Account
  • Health Insurance
  • Resident Permit among others
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