Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland 2023 for International students

Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland 2023 for international students to study Abroad under the Full Sponsorship of the private organization or Government, you can take this opportunity to study for your desired undergraduate or Postgraduate studies at the Universities of your choice in Finland. As one of the fastest growing economy in the world, Finland is a country to take your appropriate education career level to another height while it offers new and exciting career Goals to Undergraduate and Postgraduate at all levels.

The country of Finland houses Some of the best Universities in the EU/EEA jurisdiction and also around the world. Some Universities harbours a range of Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland which is why you need to take the opportunity and get to apply any of these Scholarships programs you feel you are eligible for. You also need to know that the possibility of gaining scholarships is now based on Academic Records as we at Making Scholars (legitscholarship Editorial Crew) urge you to keep applying for as many Scholarships opportunities as you can and hopefully you will succeed in one or more scholarship program. You may like Bi Presidential Norwegian Business School Scholarship 2023

Some of the best Fully-Funded Scholarships you can apply right now before 2023 summer and winter semester will be shared below, so take your time letting off these Scholarships by reading rigorously the eligibility requirements and how to apply for them. Check De Montfort University PhD Scholarships UK for International Students 2023

Scholarships Details

Country: Finland
Host: Different
Study Level:  Bachelor / Master / PhD
Type:  Fully Funded
Gender: Males and Females
No of Awards: Unspecified
Award taken in: Finland
Target: International Students

Get some of the best Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland for Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral Degree courses are as follows,

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Top List Of Scholarships In Finland 2023

Scholarship opportunities in Finland you can apply for right now is very limited, we share some of the few scholarships for both master’s and bachelor degree course which you can apply for their Scholarships right now, Meanwhile you need to bookmark our website as we will be sharing first hand information on scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Finland via Scholarships.

1. University of Helsinki:

The university of Helsinki is currently one of the top university which provide Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland 2023 right now as they Scholarship program comes in form of either Fully-Funded grants and fully-tuition fee. As Applicants outside the EU/EEA Geographical Location who are excellent in Academic performance during Undergraduate studies are eligible to partake in this Master’s Degree Scholarship program at the university of Helsinki.

How To Apply

Find a Master’s Degree Program at the university of Helsinki which you intend to further your studies by visiting Degree Finder 

Instructions will be given on how to Apply while you are advise to get all the necessary documents needed for the application.

Make your final submission and ensure you thoroughly cross check every detail before doing so.

2. Aalto University Master’s Degree Scholarship:

Another Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland which you can apply and study for Master’s degree course under the full privilege offered by the university of Aalto which will open it’s portal from 1st December. It is a two-year master’s degree programme offered to international students. The Admission timeline has also been Organized by the institution as on the 1st of December 2022, Online Application starts and Application forms Opens.


Study Fields to Apply Master’s Scholarship

The University of Aalto offer three study options to Eligible Applicants to consider when choosing a career path and these fields of education include;

Technology and Engineering: it consist of the following fields which are Masters of Architecture, Master’s of Technology and Masters of Landscape Architecture.


Masters of Art & Design: This is in the field of Masters of Art and Design

Masters of Business and Economics: This is in the field of science which include Master of Economics and Business Administration.

You can get more information on the study page by selecting the study option and on the option’s webpage you can see detailed information on the study and language of instructions and Admission criteria for such Study option.

How  To Apply

You are to fill the online application form during the application period as the application link will be Available by 1st December.

You can only Apply for two study option with one Application form as applying for more than one with several forms is not Allowed.

Read the Application carefully before Applying for the Study option of your choice and making the final submission to Studyinfo.fi Internal service system.

A Grace period to to edit your application form within the application period which ends on 3rd January 2023.

Check out your country’s specific documents needed for applying for Aalto university Masters Degree Scholarship.

3. University of Jyväskylä Scholarship:

Another Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland 2023 to consider applying for is the JYU Scholarship at the university of Jyväskylä. The Application Round for this Scholarship for 2022 masters degree program as applicants are required to apply at studyinfo.fi and also send hard copies of their documents to the University of Jyväskylä through postal Mail in order to check the authenticity of the signature and stamp although other documents can be submitted electronically, you can find University of Jyväskylä postal mail on the official scholarship website.

The faculty of mathematics and science offers living cost for international students (Master’s Degree) See more Details about University of Jyväskylä Master’s Degree Scholarship liable tuition fees

How To Apply

A section is provide to fill out the Scholarship on same form with the Application for 2023 as only full-time student are eligible to participate in the Scholarship program offered under a Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland 2022 in the university of Jyväskylä.

Application Deadline

The University of Jyväskylä Master’s Degree Scholarship Application Deadline is 18th January 2023. All Applicants are adhere to submit their Application before the deadline date.

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4. University of Eastern Finland Scholarship:

This Scholarship is granted for the first year of masters studies and to be qualified to receive a suomi-stipendi of the sum of €5000, You must be a student outside the EU/EEA jurisdiction but liable to pay tuition fee. The amount ranges from €13,000 to €15,000 depending on the program tuition fee as the Finland Scholarship covers;

  • 100% tuition waiver for the first year tuition fee
  • €5000 Relocation grants.

Note: This University of Eastern Finland Scholarship is a one year Scholarship sponsorship as the Students need to fund themselves for the second year. It is funded by the Finnish ministry of education and culture.

How To Apply

You have to state your wish to apply for the university of Eastern Finland Scholarship on the study info application form.

This is Awarded base on points for the best two applicants as university of Eastern Finland will notify the application at the end of the application cycle.

  • Faculties for Finland Scholarship
  • Philosophical faculty
  • Faculty of science and forestry
  • Faculty of health Science.
  • Faculty of social science and business studies.

These opportunities for Fully-Funded Scholarships in Finland 2023 are solely masters and PhD courses in any of the Above scholarships websites in Finland. You can check our Finland scholarships category for high school seniors and undergraduates


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