Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada 2024 – 2025

Seeing an opportunity is a core vital update and Applying for such opportunities comes as a Golden opportunity. So many Scholarship opportunities in Canada right now hence the need for this article, You will Get an in depth and a well documented top ten Scholarship opportunities in Canada right now, A list you can reckon with before the deadline date while we Encourage you to Apply for any of these Scholarships for 2024 – 2025, it’s is possible these Scholarships are filled sooner rather than later so make hey while it is still ongoing.

These Scholarship opportunities in Canada are up for grabs as some are either partially funded or Fully funded by the Government in Canada. Many people are looking for Golden opportunity to let off their hart and Get the best Scholarships either for undergraduate or Postgraduate level. Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada for 2024 – 2025 is not limited as you can benefit to get your bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or PhD degree with Scholarships.

Furthermore, We are considering Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada as we will outline them in details, So Go through a Reality Check of selecting the best out of these Scholarships that you can apply for as these Scholarships are currently ongoing for both undergraduate and postgraduate students either as a Canadian or an international Student.

Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities

1. The Smooth Movers Scholarship 

This Scholarship opportunity by the Smooth Movers is limited although and the Scholarship program is just for one brilliant student who has shown Best Academic Records during his/her Academic period of study. This comes as a way of giving back to the Community as some students find it difficult to pay for their tuition fee, Some couldn’t complete their fee and some are totally stranded. As a way of support, The Smooth Movers Scholarship give a whooping sum of $1000 Scholarship Award to an Exceptional Brilliant student.

How To Be Eligible

The Smooth Movers Scholarship is very competitive and as a way of determining the best student which this Scholarship Award can be given to, Here is What you need to know;

  • You must Apply as a student in either College, High School or University.
  • This Scholarship Award is limited to countries like Canada, Australia, USA and European countries.
  • Scholarship is made of English language.
  • A 900 words of Essay explaining what you know about the future of housing.
  • A two minutes video matching your knowledge to future of housing.

How To Apply

Submit your Essay and video before 30th November and also send these criteria to [email protected]

Winner will be Announced on Social Media pages of the smooth movers.

2. Undergraduate Entrance Award – University of Waterloo 

The number two of the Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada is entrance Scholarship of Suncor Emerging leaders Award in Engineering which value in Amount of up to $10000 for students in Engineering and other Science Program. The scholarship is paid installment over the period of four years  except for earth science course and this is funded by the organization Suncor at the university of Waterloo.

How To Apply

A one time Application is needed so interested Applicants are here by advice to visit the Suncor Emerging leaders Award and Apply by providing the requirements and all other documents needed.

3. International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship 

The third on the list of Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada in 2024 – 2025 Right now is international undergraduate entrance Scholarship is is meant for high school seniors looking to gain undergraduate Scholarships. You will benefit from Scholarships Awards for a period of four years depending on your course of study and the renewal criteria need to be met before you receive your subsequent Scholarship reward for the reminder of your Scholarship program.


How to Be Eligible

To be eligible you must adhere to the following Scholarships guidelines

  • Apply for Admission before you can be Awarded a Scholarship
  • Submit all necessary documents and ensure you complete your Admission Application to the university of Guelph
  • Register for both summer and winter fall semester
  • Apply with your student U of G student account

Find out more About Renewal criteria when you apply for International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship and see more about International students tuition and fees.

4. UICC Capacity Building Technical Fellowship

Another list of our Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada right now is the Technical Fellowship by UICC which helps to facilitate international and developmental skill exchange in area of cancer control. It is a one month fellowship Program as Eligible applicants will be able to travel and meet like minds to discuss further on how to curb cancer and improve it’s control. You are advice to register and apply for a zoom meeting with the staff or TF of UICC over the fellowship Program. Ask them series of questions about what the fellowship Program is all about.


Eligibility Requirements
  • Master’s and PhD students are not eligible
  • Clinician and nurses who hold oncology practice with an MD degree is eligible to apply.
  • Cancer professional in certain fields are also Eligible to apply
  • To Apply Click Here 


5. Conestoga Award And Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities in Canada to grab right now among the list is Conestoga Award & Scholarships for international students and if you must be awarded a Scholarship at the university, you must apply as a Conestoga college student

How to Apply for Admission

Visit and submit your Application as an international student via the and then follow the process below

  • Create an international application for Conestoga college
  • Check list of available program and pay $100 application fee
  • Submit application for review on Admission
  • Upload your documents and view status of your application
  • Print letter of Acceptance and confirm the offer
  • Lastly update your personal information
How to Apply for Scholarship

Login to your student portal and select financial tab to proceed.

Click on My Award application and select the current semester complete all information needed on each tab, review your application and submit.

6. NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas Scholarship 

Another top  ten Scholarship opportunities in Canada is the videshi oversea Scholarship which applicants can apply for some selected courses like Agriculture, veterinary and Applied Science others like Business Administration and business finance. We are not going into details of this Scholarship Opportunities by videshi as you can find more information about the scholarship program on their official website.

How to Apply

Visit the official scholarship website and Apply either as undergraduate and Postgraduate level student. Check Eligibility, Scholarships offered, Time frame, fee structure and who to be eligible [Scholarship website] of saskatchewan scholarships

You must be registered to benefit from the university of saskatchewan scholarships as its among the Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada right now for international students in 2024 – 2025. Its number of award varies as international students can apply for the Bursaries

How To Apply

You are to visit the University of Saskatchewan portal to apply for the  Application form and Ensure you complete the requirements.

8. Concordia University International Students Scholarships 

Ranking number eight spot of Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada in 2024/25, we are going to briefly see the opportunities for applying to this scholarship as an International student. The Concordia university offers Merit Scholarship which can be as high as $10000 per year or per academic calendar.

This scholarship is available for first year students who apply for Admission at the university of Concordia. The scholarship award is from $3000 to $10000 per academic calendar and this award is base on strength or academic performance of the students.

Courses Eligible for Concordia University Scholarship

These courses are as follows;

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Visual art and speech.
How To Apply for Scholarship
  • You are adhere to first apply for Admission at the university of Concordia and submit all necessary documents.
  • Send an email to [email protected] indicating or showing your interest in Concordia University Scholarship with the tag #YAWH as the subject tittle.
  • Complete your Application form

You are to agree to pay up to $23000 to subscribe to projects, research and skill acquisition as the Concordia university international students scholarship is not a fully funded Scholarship.

Apply for Concordia university scholarship Here

9. University of British Columbia Scholarships

This Scholarships is also for international students as we rank up Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada, The university has set aside $30 million to award, financial support and scholarships which is meant for international students who are undergraduate.

It Awards over 370 Awards and scholarships to over 100 countries worldwide and when you become a beneficiary of this Scholarship you join a supportive community of UBC.

Eligibility Requirements
  • High School Seniors going for undergraduate studies.
  • Must be an international students with Canada visa or (permit) to study at the university of British Columbia.
  • Haven’t be nominated for merit Award.
  • Must demonstrate Academic and exceptional Performance with extracurricular and community involvement.
How To Apply

Applicants don’t need an Application for Scholarships as you will be considered when you apply for Admission at the university.

10. Héc Montréal Scholarships

This Scholarship is For Master’s degree as Heck Montréal Scholarships provide up to $1.6 million dollars every year for Postgraduate degree students.

The last but not the least Top Ten Scholarship Opportunities in Canada right now through HEC Montréal Scholarships is divided into these sub category scholarships.

The List Can be going on and On but we restricted out Research to these top ten Scholarship opportunities in Canada right now.

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