Fully-Funded Belgium Scholarship without IELTS 2024-2025

Get all the latest Fully-Funded Belgium scholarship in 2024-2025 to apply with/without IELTS for undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates students in the universities of Belgium. This Belgium scholarship is also for international students as you can apply in any of the specified countries as stated on each of these official scholarship websites.

Fully-funded Belgium scholarship for international students in 2024 as these scholarships are being sponsored either by the government or individual or private firms and organization.

Study in Belgium gives you that extra drives you need to push your education career with further as these scholarship tends to helps students in financial needs to achieve more while paying less attention to expenses that should be incurred during their study years.

There are some universities in Belgium to achieve top Feet in your career moving forward. these universities offers top notch learning environments for international students as these are ranked high in the statistics of top Qs universities in Belgium. these universities include but not limited to;  Université de Liège, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), University of Ghent, University of Mons  among others to mention a few.

These Belgium scholarships does not require IELTS which means no English proficiency tests will be required to apply for this scholarship hence the more advantage it’s has for international students whose countries major language is not English.


These scholarships listed below doesn’t require an IELTS test before eligible Candidates can apply so therefore, you can check out the Belgium scholarship 2023 for international students and select the best fit once you ensure you have met all the requirements.

 Hasselt University Master of Transportation Sciences Scholarships 

As the name suggested Master of Transportation sciences (MSc in Transport Science) at the Hasselt university, the department through the school scholarship programs gives eligible candidates an opportunity to study in Belgium in the above field for a period of 2 years. this scholarship is for developing countries as 10 Eligible applicants who applied and are selected to undergo a road safety measures with developing countries in focus. The scholarship will give room for students to learn road safety measure and transportation problems and suggesting profound solutions to these transport problems. furthermore, Students will be able to suggest various method on how to solve these transport problems and other related issues

The fully-funded Belgium scholarship by Hasselt university for Postgraduate degree international students provides some benefits and gain as these scholarships covers Travel Allowance, Insurance fees, full tuition fees, Monthly stipends of €1150. 


Below are the requirements before applying for this scholarship of Hasselt University Master of Transportation Sciences;

You must be Age 35 and Above before January 2020 to apply for this scholarship

NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas Scholarship 2024-2025 ebc/bc/oc Application portal

These are the Eligible countries that can apply for Master of transportation sciences at Hasselt university

  • Bolivia
  • Cuba
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Burundi
  • DR Congo
  • Ethiopia
  • Guinea
  • Cameroon
  • Kenya
  • Madagascar
  • Mali
  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • Rwanda
  • Senegal
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe
  • South Africa
  • Niger
  • Cambodia
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Palestinian
  • Territories
  • Vietnam

Hasselt University Belgium Scholarship – How to Apply

You are required to visit the official scholarship website and apply by visiting this link 


Ensure you meet up with the requirements before applying

Note: Applicants who have been granted a scholarship will be informed by VLIR-UOS via email between the end of May and mid June 2024.

Application deadline is 15th March 2024


Fully-Funded Ku Leuven university Belgium Scholarship 

international students are given the opportunity to study in Belgium by the government of Flanders for Ku Leuven scholarship. There is a provision to award students with outstanding performance by taking a Bachelor, master’s and PhD degree programs which is awarded by the government.

Application for Ku Leuven currently open as applicants can now submit their application once they met the eligibility criteria of which is outlined below;


  • Applicants must show interest
  • Apply before the deadline date
  • Must have High Performance results to apply for this scholarship
  • Must not enroll in preparatory Programs or long distance learning Program
  • Must sole enroll for Master Mind Scholarship to be Eligible
  • Graduates of Flemish Higher education institution are not eligible to apply for this scholarship

Ku Leuven Belgium Scholarship – How To Apply


Ireland Government Scholarship for 2024-2025 Application form

Fully-Funded Government OF Belgium Scholarship

Interestingly this Belgium scholarship offered by the government is a fully-funded scholarship opens to international students in 2024. The scholarship is available to all students in the developing countries (see lists of countries) as the government is willing to support international students in these countries by providing them with a fully-funded Belgium scholarship.

It is open to students at bachelors, masters  and training courses as more than 100+ scholarships are available for grabs for international students in these developing countries. All expenses like Travel Allowance, Insurance fees and full tuition fees are covered by the Belgium government.


  • Only for International students in Developing countries
  • Applicants of Master Courses Must be Age 40 and Training Courses Must be Age 45 before the commencement of the program.
  • Only Applicants with Eligible Course Background are to Apply
  • Academic duration of one year
  • Ensure you Understand English language and can Read and communicate with it.

Government Of Belgium Scholarship 2024 – How to Apply

International students interested in this scholarship can visit the official scholarship website. This website is in German Language language so you need a translator to be able to effectively submit your Application

Application deadline is 28th January 2024

Fully-Funded VLIR-UOS Belgium Scholarship for International Students

  • Target group: Students from 31 eligible countries
  • Duration: A maximum of 90 consecutive days
  • Budget: Full scholarship

this scholarship is available for international students in Latin America, Asia and Africa compiling of 31 countries in total. The scholarship is available for students to study in Flanders and this Scholarship opportunities give room for Internships in any of the 29 scholarship eligible countries therefore Fieldworks and gaining working experiences are sponsored through grants.

International students will be expose to wide range of activities in the university of Flemish under this Belgium scholarship program as applicants will be selected in any of the eligible countries  for either masters or training courses.

Scholarships are available in 

  • Scholarships for trainings
  • Scholarships for master programmes (ICP Connect)


  • Applicants must resident in one of the eligible countries
  • Must have a relevant experience and a support letter of recommendation
  • Applicants must be Fungibility with other VLIR-UOS funding
  • Only one Application is recommended per year to be eligible on no condition must he/she apply two or more scholarships

VLIR-UOS Belgium Scholarship – How to Apply

Below are the Application procedure on How to apply for VLIR-UOS Belgium Scholarships 2024;

  • Visit the official scholarship websites here and apply for either a training course or master’s degree courses
  • Choose the specific program during your application
  • Submit your Application Online to be considered
  • Selection process takes Place and you will contacted further.
  • See Specific Application Dates for VLIR-UOS Scholarship Here 

These are Belgium scholarship with or without IELTS for International students in 2023 as applicants can visit these official scholarship website and apply before their deadline dates.

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