Courses to Study in Canada for International Students

When you consider which of the Europeans countries you want to continued your study abroad, One of the best countries right now is to study in Canada as an international student because you will be exposed to various knowledge in the field of science like human and technological sciences, Art, Social and other field of study. A country like Canada gives you more opportunities as you can as well be retain in your field after completing your studies in your choice of institution. We cant disputes the fact that there are other opportunities elsewhere to study on scholarships among these Europeans counties as scholarship opportunities like fully-funded scholarships in Finland 2022 for international students, Study In Netherlands or study in turkey on scholarship.

we will be looking at the fees to study in Canada and how to study in Canada for free as some of these course can be applied for on the basis of scholarship in Canada and more so some are on the basis on discounted fees or at a lower fees. However, if you are opportune to study in Canada, these are some of the courses you can applied for either at bachelor’s, master’s or post doctoral level.

According to Wikipedia, Canada is located in North America which covers 9.98 millions  square kilometres (3.85 million square miles), making it the world’s second-largest country by total area. Canada capital is located in Ottawa with three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

furthermore, Education in Canada is oversees by either the federal, provincial or local government and this is no exception to international students who wants to study in Canada. Canada has the most largest universities which is mostly funded publicly so as an international student who reside in Ghana and other countries in Africa, china and other countries in Asia.

It is no new that some of the universities allows you to study in Canada from your home countries as you can study in Canada from Pakistan or study in Canada from india via online class sections and also receives your honorary degrees after completing your study from your home country.

Canada as on of the most educated countries in the world gives you more reasons why studying in Canada is profitable and most efficient in your pursuit for career in your preferred field of study for undergraduate and postgraduates courses.

In this article, we will be looking at the courses to study in Canada and in no chronological order, these courses are of the combination at either undergraduate or postgraduate level most especially for international students who wants to study abroad.

Consider places like Toronto to study in Canada, it has a Population of over 2.7Million people and one of the most populous city in the country. The university of Toronto and the university of Guelph offers some of these courses to study in Canada and also have approve the study in Canada from Philippines, more and more reasons to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduates course to study in Canada on scholarships or at a discounted fees.

Best Courses To Apply For to study In Canada 2022

Are you interested in studying in Canada with free scholarships in 2022 and you are stuck with the courses which you feel will be more lucrative in your field of study in the future? let take a look at some of the these courses to study in Canada for free or for a fees.


While considering what course to further in your preferred field of study, Considered studying computer science either at undergraduate or postgraduate level or IT expert as this field is widely in demand all over the world and one of the university which offers this course is the university of Toronto as you can pursue a in computer science

You can apply for course with a free scholarship in Canada or the study in Canada fees amounts to CAD 213,160 (full tuition fees) for a complete 4 years (fees is subject to change).

Other university you can obtain either and undergraduate or a postgraduate degree are

McGill university
University of Waterloo
University of British Columbia
University of Alberta


To study in Canada for international students in 2022, course like mechanical or electrical engineering are very lucrative in Canada as these courses are top notch in country like Canada and other part of the world. There are shortage of engineers around the world whose experience are needed, it is expected that in the next 6 years there will be shortages of engineers worldwide and in a country like Canada. if you intended to study in Canada free or on on  scholarships then consider applying for courses like engineering at any given level.

International students can study in Canada from India, Pakistan or Philippines as some of these universities McGill, waterloo, waterloo and Alberto in Canada offers online courses in such fields

Full tuition fees to study abroad in country like Canada if its not on the basis of scholarships ranges from  CAD 59,230 – 205,224 in the above aforementioned university so studying in Canada on the basis on scholarship will be much considered favorable to you as it will make it less expensive to Acquire your degree for a period of 4 years at undergraduate level or postgraduate level for 2 years.


The pandemic is an eye opener of why health science in the field of medicine, vert. medicine and other related course are very lucrative course to study abroad in a county like Canada. The world witness a global meltdown during the plague caused by coronavirus and this alone cause the death of so many health practitioner like doctor hence cause the shortage of doctor, nurses, health medical patrons and matrons across the globe. This course is on a demand right now and it is predicted by the year 2023 the sector is poised for growth with over $85 million dollars.


You can apply for the following Courses

Doctor of Medicine
Bachelor of science in Pharmaceutical chemistry in laboratory Medicine and pathobiology
Masters in Biomedical informatics 


So many businesses are sprouting up daily and most business typhoons needed experts in business management and other business related field to manage their business and this alone is a lucrative course when you want to pursue a course to study abroad in a country like Canada. It can enable to get the right connections to kickstart your career in the right direction while you study in Canada with scholarships or fees. the following are the branches of business management;


Advertising – Media Management
Financial Planning
Marketing – Corporate Account Management
Television and Film – Business
Strategic Management – Accounting
Master of Business Administration
Marketing – Research and Analytics
Earth and Energy Resources Leadership (MEERL)
Human Resources Management
Strategic Management
Financial Risk Management
Management Analytics
Project Management
Professional Writing – Communications
Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management
Global Business Management
International Business Management
Advertising – Account Management
Business Administration – Accounting (Fast-Track)

some of these above aforementioned courses to study in Canada from Philippines, India and Pakistan.


Law is another courses to apply for if you want to study abroad in country like Canada as an international student in 2022 as there are also branches of studying law in Canada, This course is in global demands to meets the judicial processes in demand all over the world as there are many impending cases which are left unattended to. Lawyers at the highest level receives high fats cheques and are also very demanding across the world right now. These are the branches of law in demands across Canada and other parts of the world.

  • criminal law.
  • Constitutional law.
  • administrative law
  • Business law
  • Health law
  • Ethical law
  • International law

Canada has its own uniqueness if you think or has proper planning to study abroad, you can consider going for these courses to study in Canada while also prepare your mind for things to come as these course are very much competitive in the global market right now and the numbers of international students are on the rise applying for these course on a daily basis to study abroad in Canada for free on scholarships, fees or through favorable Canadian government policies for international students.



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