Research Design and Types Of Historical Research

[Research Design and Types Of Historical Research] When there are stated objective of a research project this makes your work goes smooth and without hitch free or obstacles in achieving a good research work. However, these cannot be achieve without a proper research design and therefore the need to make a framework that works. Like an architect, there is a masterplan to achieve the design of a building in other to achieve the plan and aestheticism of erecting such building but if there are no masterplan for such construction work the masterplan is bound to fail at the very beginning so it is necessary in whatever research project you are planning to write about, ensure the (PPI) planning, preparation and implementation is effectively carried out.

in this article is the in-depth of Research Design and Types Of Historical Research that will help you in conducting a successful research in your project. let take a look at what is research design and their implementation in some field of study.


A research design is short term plan which outlines and helps in the best possible way to effectively carries out such plan. It is a stated objective to a research project and a plan on how to effectively carry out such objectives. Research has to do with findings or making enquires about something but in the context of this subject matter, Research is making enquires about a subject matter which is being research upon while Design is a state of building an entirely genuine plan or structure in which you want the outcome to look like. When we talk about Research design, there are processes to be carried out which includes, data collection, Data analysis, cost pf data collection. time and others factors.

Research design has some rudiments which will be outlined as follows and these will further enlightens you the content of what research designs entails;


  1. Goal of Research Design: To effectively carries out a successful research project in your research design, you need to sets the Goals of what you want to achieve after data collection, data analysis and data implementation.
  2. Types of Data: for the body of a research design to be full implemented when carrying out a research project needs data to be collected of which takes of to the types of data needed for Research Design and Types Of Historical Research which will be discussed further on this article.
  3. Define your Audience: to complete your research design, you need to select a small proportion of a population to target to collect your data which will be used  in your research project work to determine the outcome of your subject matter.
  4. Extra Effort (E.G Time): you will need to maximize the number of time and also cost to be able to finish your research project within a specific period of time to meet up with the deadline of submitting the final project after approval.
  5. Data collection Methodology: there are different methods used in collecting data which are sampling techniques among others. You will have to define the best possible way to carry out data collection from your targeted population.
  6. Analysis of Data: After collection a broad and well documented information on the data collected, you will need to derive a mean to analyze such data with either tools or other acceptable method used for data analysis.
  7. Solutions: The outcome of your data analysis will make you derive the best suggested solution in your research project.


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As a Researcher, The need for outlining the objective of a research project is because of its importance, What you wanted to achieve at the end of your research project so therefore the importance of a research design is that the methods used in your research work correlates with the aim of your research and ensure a very high prolific data is collected which can be used to answer any research questions at any given time.


There are three (3) types of research design which are as follows

  1.  Descriptive research design
  2. Explanatory research design
  3. Experimental research design

Let take a look at the Types Of Historical Research have looked at Research design, types of research design and it’s importance.

According to clinfowiki, Historical research is the study of past events with the aim of interpretation of such past event as regards to the cause and facts of these events and how effective is these past event on current happenings in today’s Environment.

there are various types of historical research design or historical research design method which are as follows;


  1. Eye witness: An eye witness is someone who is present when an event or happenings occurs. It is a first hand information which is witness by a person who is present at a particular time the event is taking place hence the source can be able to give accurate information on the event without bias or misconception on such event.
  2. Oral/Written Documentary: The eye witness or through a third party with the help of an eye witness can give a well written documentation of the even for reference purpose and this will aid the Research Design and Types Of Historical Research when in need by a researcher when making a research project.
  3. Another types of historical research design are articles written in journal, newspaper, meetings, artifacts, drawings e.t.c.

these historical design types are categorized under two major types which are Primary source and secondary source.

Historical Analysis :

As an Historican, You get fact and findings of the past and this brings out to what we called Historical Analysis.

What is Historical Analysis:

Historical Analysis is the examination of evidence for Arriving at a conclusion of a past Event. It is an artifact like Evidence which is included in a document. As to buttress further Why the need for Historical Analysis is the fact that it help to gain Adequate knowledge of the understanding of past in relation to the present and future events about Life.


Conclusion: Research Design and Types of Historical Research are Relevant to our present Day Research Work as it helps us to Know the Significance and Importance of Making a proper research project. Students at all levels of Education needs to conduct a Rigorous Research if they are to Succeed in Getting Results they desire.

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