(ANGEAP) Application form 2021-2022 For Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program

Are you an Alabama national guard service member, and you reside in Alabama? Application form 2021-2022 for Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program for both Veterans and students is now open for applicants as the deadline for fall and summer 2021-2022 approaches. (ANGEAP) Application form 2021-2022 can now be filled and submitted online or digitally, or through the school’s financial aid office in Alabama. The national guard program ensures that financial assistance is rendered to the interesting and appropriate Alabama students. They need assistance to fund their financial structure for their tuition fee and other fees during the Academic period.


The financial value granted by the Alabama National Guard Educational assistance program amount to $5,554 (per semester) and $4532 (quarterly), which covers tuition fees and other expenses not covered.

Application section of ANGEAP 

The FAFSA application form comprises three sections; section one consist of the applicant personal bio-data where the name, address (Alabama address), date of birth, cell phone number, email address e.t.c to be completed.

Section two is to be completed (ANGEAP) application form 2021-2022 by the designated institution intended to study by the applicants. You need to accept that you need financial assistance of at least $100 while the institution confirms you live in Alabama. Transient is needed while the institution communicates with you about other requirements.

Section three is to be completed by the Alabama military department; as you know, this is specifically for a resident in Alabama, which confirms the applicants have undergone training in the military (as required), verification of information and applicants meets required qualifications.

ANGEAP Eligibility Requirements.

  • Not more than 120 academic hours cover for assistance.
  • Financial need by the applicant of at least $100.
  • Assistance is offered for only a degree.
  • Seventeen years and above of age.
  • An active member of the Alabama national guard.
  • Seeking first honour or first postgraduate degree.
  • For postgraduates, Applicants can only receive assistance with one degree.
  • A Federal Student Aid FAFSA file is required.
  • Full completion of basic training.

Note: As part of the requirement, the Application can confide with Alabama national guard service with their social security number (SSN) will be disclosed, which is mandatory if the Applicants form needs to be considered and also to maintain the Assistance Program record for adequate documentation by the Service Management.


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(ANGEAP) Application form 2021-2022 (IMPORTANT INFORMATION)

If you are considering filing for (ANGEAP) application form 2021-2022, there is some important information to consider.

Mailing Application form digitally is allowed or drop application form at the one-stop office of the first floor (using a UAB email, send application form to [email protected])


Applicants will receive a confirmation message within few days

New Applications are required every semester for students with national guard assistance program funding.

(ANGEAP) Application form 2021-2022 Deadline 

The deadline to receive the Application form for the Alabama National Guard Educational assistance program for fall 2021 is 8th December 2021 


The deadline to receive (ANGEAP) application form 2021-2022 (spring 2022) is 27th April 2022.

The deadline to receive the Application form for Summer 2022 is 3rd August 2022.

Please note that the application form receives After 08/03/2022 will be disbursed on 9th September 2022 based on funds availability by the Alabama National Guard Educational assistance program.


Application form 




Official Assistance Program Website.

You can visit the official website for more information



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