University of Oslo Norway Scholarship for International Students 2023

If You have been Looking for an Opportunity to Study in Norway, Application for Currently Open for Foreign Students to Study in different fields as university of Oslo Norway Scholarship for International Students 2023 has Announced Financial Aid for Interested Applicants to Study in Norway.

If You are interested in PhD and Postdoc vacancies Positions at the University of Oslo 2023, you can refer to the article and Check out which of these positions are still available. This is open to domestic and international students who are less Privilege to further their education when they have completed their Previous studies with a Good Academic records.

Scholarship is Fully Funded Which Covers full Tuition fee and other expenses, Admission to study in any Norway Universities has Begun but we are peculiar to the University of Oslo as 2023 Admission for Scholarship at the University is Currently Open. All you need to Know about university of Oslo fully funded scholarship 2023 is right here.

Only Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Seeking Students can Apply for this scholarship and Receive access to Free Education in Norway. Check out all you need to know about this Norway scholarships for international students 2023 and How you can apply for it. See Yale University Scholarships for International Students USA 2023

About University of Oslo Norway

One of the oldest University in Norway and ranging top 100th University in the World According to QS Statistics, it have over 20,000 Students Worldwide and listed top 5 in Nordic Region.

University of Oslo is a Public research University as the university is Spread wide across the city of Oslo, it offers various Degree Programs for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies as its offer 47 Masters Programmes.

PhD & Postdoc Positions Details 

Country: Norway
Host: University of Oslo (UiO)
Department: Multiple
The award can be taken in Norway
Course Level: Bachelor / Master’s Degree
Type: Full-Funded
Number of Awards: Not Known
Nationality: Norwegians and International Students

Eligibility Requirements for university of Oslo Norway Scholarship for International Students 2023

The following are the criteria for the University of Oslo Scholarship 2023;

  • Availability: Norwegian and International Student
    Language Requirement: English
  • Completion of secondary education at advanced level for Norwegian Citizens and International Students for Some Counties least one year of completed studies at the university level is required
  • Proof of English Proficiency test score is required if you have not Previously studied in English.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Applicants must have completed 12 years of education

List of Courses Available for University of Oslo Scholarship in Nprway

  • General literature (master’s degree – two years)
  • Archeology and Conservation (Bachelor)
  • Archeology and Conservation (Masters – two year
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Bachelor)
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Master’s – two years)
  • Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation (master’s two years)
  • Astronomy (Masters – two years)
  • Biodiversity and Systematics (master’s two years)
  • Life Sciences (Bachelor)
  • Life Sciences (Master – two years)
  • Computational Science (master – two years)
  • Data Science (Master – two years)
  • Development, Environment and Cultural Change (master’s two years)
  • Digitization in the health sector (master’s degree – two years)
  • Economics (master’s two years)
  • Education (master’s two years)
  • Electronics, informatics and technology (bachelor)
  • Electronics, informatics and technology (master’s degree – two years)
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation management (master’s – two years)
  • Environmental Humanities and Sciences (master’s supplement)
  • ESST – Society, Science and Technology in Europe (master’s – one and a half years)
  • Aesthetic studies and general literature (bachelor)
  • European History (master’s two years)
  • European Master in Health Economics and Management (master’s two years)
  • European Culture (Master’s – two years)
  • European Languages ​​(Bachelor)
  • European Languages ​​(Master’s – two years)
  • Philosophy (Bachelor)
  • Philosophy (master’s – two years)
  • Philosophy, politics and economics (bachelor)
  • Fluid mechanics (master’s degree – two years)
  • Public Health Science and Epidemiology (Master’s – two years)
  • Renewable energy and nanotechnology (bachelor)
  • Renewable energy systems (master’s – two years)
  • Research program computer science, part 2 (master’s supplement)
  • Management informatics (master’s – two years)
  • Physics (Master – two years)
  • Physics and astronomy (bachelor)
  • Gender Studies (master’s two years)
  • Geography (master – two years)
  • Geophysics and climate (bachelor)
  • Geology and Geography (Bachelor)
  • Global-MINDS (master’s two years)
  • Health Economics, Policy and Management (master’s two years)
  • Health administration (master’s – experience-based)
  • Health management and health economics (bachelor)
  • History (Bachelor)
  • History (Master – two years)
  • Honors Program (Bachelor)
  • Human Geography (master’s two years)
  • Ibsen Studies (master’s two years)
  • History of ideas (bachelor)
  • Informatics: design, use, interaction (bachelor)
  • Informatics: design, use, interaction (master’s – two years)
  • Informatics: digital economy and management (bachelor)
  • Informatics: digital economy and management (master’s – two years)
  • Informatics: information security (master’s – two years)
  • Informatics: programming and system architecture (bachelor)
  • Informatics: programming and system architecture (master’s – two years)
  • Informatics: robotics and intelligent systems (bachelor)
  • Informatics: robotics and intelligent systems (master’s – two years)
  • Informatics: language technology (bachelor)
  • Informatics: language technology (master’s – two years)
  • Information and Communication Technology Law (master’s 1 1/2-years)
  • International Studies (Bachelor)
  • International Community Health (master’s two years)
  • IT and management (master’s – experience-based)
  • Chemistry (Master – two years)
  • Chemistry and biochemistry (bachelor)
  • Clear language (bachelor)
  • Classical Languages ​​(Bachelor)
  • Classical languages ​​(master’s – two years)
  • Clinical pharmacy (master’s – experience-based)
  • Criminology (Bachelor)
  • Criminology (master’s degree – two years)
  • Culture and Communication (Bachelor)
  • Cultural history (bachelor)
  • Art history and visual studies (bachelor)
  • Art history and visual studies (master’s – two years)
  • Leadership, ethics and interview practice (master’s – experience-based)
  • Linguistics (Bachelor)
  • Linguistics (master’s – two years)
  • Maritime Law (master’s 1 1/2-years)
  • Mathematics (Master’s – two years)
  • Mathematics with computer science (bachelor)
  • Mathematics and Economics (Bachelor)
  • Materials science for energy and nanotechnology (master’s – two years)
  • Media and Communication (Bachelor)
  • Media and Communication (Master’s – two years)
  • Modern International and Transnational History (master’s two years)
  • Multilingualism (master’s two years) [See Full List HERE]

Benefits of university of Oslo scholarship

  • Full Tuition fee
  • Accommodation
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Round Airfare Ticket
  • Additional Allowance for Miscellaneous Expenses
How to Apply

Note: The Institution Manages application and selection Process but additional requirements may be required. Application should be Submitted via the website and not on the university Portal.

Application Deadline

Application Closing date for University of Oslo Scholarship 2023 is March 8, 2023.

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