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Do you have a child who study at Brevard Public school and you would like to study your child performance in school through the Brevard focus Parent Portal Account then hence are some of the basic things you should do to access the Brevard parent portal log in online by the school. The school is at the heart of the Florida as it is the 49th largest district in the united states.

On November 1st, Brevard school launched a thrive by five which is a brand new initiative aiming to raise awareness  about early literacy and child development. One of the unique factor of the Brevard school is the accommodation of every race, gender, disability, color, marital status, age, religion, ancestry without discrimination under the federal, state and local law in the united states.

The school has accommodation for persons with disability for conducting interviews and the application process. Applicants with disabilities may contact the director of professional standard and labor relation of assistance and get more information about Brevard parent portal login.

You may contact Dr, Beth Thedy
Deputy Superintendent and
chief Human Resource Officer
Phone: 330-631-1911

Brevard focus Parent Portal is a software the school use in reporting the end of the term grade report as this portal enables parent to be able to access their child’s development in continuous assessment (CA), Attendance, Grade, information and current class average and assignment.


Brevard Launchedpad for Accessing student Portal: The students are herby advice to use launchedpad to access the student portal with their username and password.

Account Authentication: To access the Brevard focus Parent Portal, the parent must ensure they login with the correct password and after five failed attempt, the parent will be locked out as the only way to regain login access is to request for “forgot password”.

Pin Letters: After Registration, Parents will be issued a pin letter after creating their focus Parent Portal Account.

NOTE: Always use chrome to login or access the focus Parent Portal from your browser.

Brevard focus Parent Portal – HOW TO LOGIN 

You can access the Brevard parent portal log in with the username and password should login through focus school software 

Parents who will like to create a Brevard county school FOCUS parent portal Should click Portal Account

For existing Child focus parent portal Account Click Here 

For Password Reset Click Here

With the Above steps, you will be able to access Brevard focus Parent Portal and monitor your child’s performance and know the intellectual and academic performance of your child, you can as well do thing by accessing the Brevard county school focus parent portal.



To Access the focus manatee parent portal under the county school district, you will need to visit the manatee parent portal and login with your username and password. you can as well create new parent account or click on forget password to change to a new password.

To create a new account, click Here

To change to a new password, click Here


To login an existing Password, click Here


To Access the focus student portal if you are a student of Brevard school, you will need to visit the student portal and login with your username and password. you can as well create student account or click on forget password to change to a new password.

To create a new account, click Here


To change to a new password, click Here

To login an existing Password, click Here

IF you need to any further assistance of parent portal login and Brevard country school focus parent portal and student portal, you can contact the school management and for other related questions.

Access the above link login on Brevard country school parent portal or Brevard parent portal login, these links are subsidiaries to the Brevard parent portal official login link.

Inculcating learning to the child in the right environment at Brevard public school gives you the edge to monitor your child school performance.



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