Fully-Funded Obama Foundation Scholars Program 2024

The aim of Obama foundation Scholars is to ensure all participants are equipped with the Experience in Developmental Leadership to be able to solve community Problems and issues facing their immediate Environment. The fully-funded Obama foundation scholars program 2024 is Covered fully by the Organization while Participants stays in New York for a specific period of time (Usually a year) and after the completion of the Program returns to their Host regions to Impact their Environment Positively.

Similar to the UNICEF Internship Program 2023, The Obama Foundation scholars Program is a developmental Program in Bring world leaders together with the aim of solving societal problems in which the Trainings & fellowships will takes place at the Columbia University in United States of America.

The Obama foundation Scholars was founded In the Year 2014 with the Plan of ensuring that Skills and Knowledge are acquired in capacity building, Human Development and Societal Knowledge about World Leading Problems are enumerated and Resolved while scholars returns to their immediate environment to Impact the knowledge of what they have learnt during their academic year.

To be an Obama’s Scholars there are certain criteria applicants must meet, the criteria will be listed below while take a look at the Benefits, courses Offers, duration of study among others things.


Host Country: United States Of America
Scholarship To be Hosted At: Columbia University In USA
Financial Coverage: Fully-Funded Scholarship
Type of Scholarship: Monthly stipends Covers, Full tuition fee, Travel Cost e.t.c
Course Availability:  All Courses
Duration Of Study: 1 Year
Opens To: Nationalities (International Students)

The fully-funded Obama foundation scholars program 2024 has some eligibility requirements as we takes a look at some of these requirement Criteria.


To participate at the Obama foundation Scholars Program which Is scheduled to hold Next Year in 2024. Obama foundation scholars program at university of Columbia require applicants of the following;

  • Applicants Must have make Insightful and Meaningful contribution to the immediate Environment  with an Emerging leadership qualities.
  • A Good Communication Skills is Needed
  • English Proficiency Test (TOEFL/IELTS) are required.
  • Must show the qualities of Improving the their Community and Shaping the World in their education career.
  • Must be accountable, shows resilience, Integrity Wise, Courageous, Helpful, has a strategic Planning in their daily activities.
  • International students with a bachelor’s Degree who have completed study in English From a Reputable university are Exempted to Submit Or take an English Proficiency Test.

These are the requirements of the Obama foundation scholars program 2023/2024 Which applicants from All eligible countries must adhere to in Other for their application Form to be considered by the Scholars Organization Body.

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Obama Scholars Program Application Procedures

The fully-funded Obama foundation scholars program 2023 application Procedures are as follows, Ensure You Fill and submit all documents requested during registration and before the Application deadline date of Obama foundation scholars program 2023-2024

Applicants are to Submit the Curriculum Vitae/Resume during the Online Application Form Ans this should Include the following Details;

  • Academic History
  • Employment
  • Experiences 
  • Achievements
  • Publications 
  • Awards

Applicants are required to record a short Video Introducing their selves and place of Work while also applicants are to upload this short video to online platform like vimeo or YouTube and Submit the Links in their Online Application forms

Applicants are required to answers short essay questions during their Online Application and these essay questions are to better understands the nature of work of applicants by the selection committee so therefore ensure you fill the questions with answers in the best possible ways


Applicants are to Provide their English Proficiency Test Score IELTS/TOEFL with Exemptions to Bachelor’s Degree Graduates Who have Completed their study In English or International students whose Country Native Language is English.

Applicants are to provide (3) letter of recommendation from Reputable sources either at work place or Institutions or reputable individuals and not from Family members.

Applicants interested are to visit the Columbia University website to complete their application 2023/2024


Application Deadline

The Application Deadline for The Obama Foundation Scholars Program is  December 12th, 2023, Ensure you have Fill and Submit all necessary documents before the application deadline date.


The following are the benefits of Obama foundation scholarship for international students and they are as follows;

  • Applicants are awarded a Monthly stipend to assist with living expenses in New York City
  • Applicants are given a well furnished studio apartment within walking distance of Columbia University.
  • All tuition and fees for up to four courses are covered by the Obama scholars Programs
  • Basic medical, dental and life insurance for the duration of the one program are covered.
  • Air travel Expenses are to be covered by the Scholars Program

This is a fully-funded Obama scholarship for African students too and not targeted to just specific countries as all countries are eligible to participate in this Obama foundation scholars program 2024.


NOTE: The fully-funded Obama foundation scholars program 2024 is for All Working Graduate around the world and to ensure that this program is effective the selection Process will takes a shape of more of your working spaces as essay question are asked based on your working nature and Environment.

Conclusion: Applicants are to ensure that all materials requested are submitted during the online registration as the scholars Programs is still currently ongoing. Every other Information will be communicated to you via email about The Fully-Funded Obama foundation Scholars Program 2024, So endeavor to Keep Tabs with the relevant Information needed.


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