Hawak Kamay Scholarship for college Students 2024

This is one of the opportunities college students should consider and be part of PHINMAEd scholars for 2024 as the PHINMA Republican College Announced it’s HK Scholarship Program – The Hawak kamay Scholarship for college students 2024 is now open for Application online as you can book a slot now and be part of the Grade 11 students Admitted to The College on a great percentage of Discount.

PHINMA Republican College offers as 25%, 50%, or 75% discount on tuition and other miscellaneous Fees as this scholarship is offered to Incoming Freshmen College students in other to choose a career path in their Pursuit for Success.

Since 2004, PHINMA Education has relentlessly pursued the mission to make lives better through education. Its mandates is to make life better with the quality of education offer at the college, As a way of contributing to the quality of Education in Philippines, its has also stretch across Southeast Asian specific countries.

PHINMA Republican College through it’s improved standard of learning and strategic plan has makes life more easier for students to acquire quality Education Physically and Remote areas which has serves more than 100,000+ students across Philippines and Indonesia in recent year with the Hawak Kaway scholarship HK Scholarship Program for college student from families of Low income or Constraints.

Hawak kamay Scholarship Benefits 2024

These are some of the benefits of Hawak Kamay Scholarship for college Students, Apply Early to Book a Spot.

  • College offers as 25%, 50%, or 75% discount on tuition
  • Miscellaneous fees are Also Covered by the Republican College
  • Hawak Kamay Scholarship for College Students Incoming Freshmen will cover the entire duration of the student’s chosen college program

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How to Qualify for Hawak Kamay SCholarship

There are no Specific Requirement for Application of the PHINMA Republican College Scholarship as Freshmen Incoming Student from Low-income Family are Highly specified to Apply this scholarship.

Why You Need To Apply Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2024

More Reason to Apply for Hawak Kamay Scholarship for College Students 2024 is because this scholarships cover the Entire duration of your study in the College and you can renew the scholarship every semester.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship Requirements 2024

The Specific Requirements to Earn a slot for Hawak Kamay scholarship for college Freshmen Incoming Students is to be from a low-income family Earners as  Dr. Homobono A. Aguiling has Chosen to serves his motherland Through the scholarship Program.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship for college Students is Applicable to the following College students

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Senior High School (Grade 11) students
Incoming Freshmen College students
College Transferee

Courses for Incoming Freshmen College Students


HK scholarship PHINMA Application Online  2024

To secure your Hawak Kamay Slot, here’s how:
𝙎𝙏𝙀𝙋 1: Hawak Kamay Application
(Note: Choose PHINMA Republican College as your preferred school)
𝙎𝙏𝙀𝙋 2: Register Online
Join their Official Facebook Page for More Details and Information here
Visit the Scholarship website Here
NOTE: HK scholarship Program is For The Philippines ONLY


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