Orange Knowledge Scholarship 2024 to Study in Netherlands – How To Apply

Are you interested in studying in Netherlands and you need scholarship Programme that could support you? Then Orange Knowledge Scholarship 2024 in Netherlands? Application is currently ongoing which has various deadlines depending on the Master degree or short courses program

This scholarship is versatile and open to universities in Holland which offers orange knowledge programme Specified courses. This Programme or scholarship is available to short courses and also master’s for a period  of 12 – 24 months.

The programme is for specific target group beneficiary and also mid-careers professional in these target group. If you intend to study in Netherlands under the programme of Orange Knowledge Scholarship (OKP) 2024, there are some certain information that you need to know which will be vividly share to you below.

Countries Eligible

The following countries are Eligible for Orange Knowledge Scholarship (OKP) 2024 and they are as follows;

Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Congo (DRC), Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen and Zambia.

OKP Scholarship

OKP stands for Orange Knowledge Programme which is specifically designed for development in education societal sustainability.

Courses Availability for OKP Scholarship

Orange Knowledge Programme courses are specifically for mid-careers professional in some specific countries and scholarship is available for courses;

  • Short courses (2weeks to 12weeks)
  • Master’s programme (12 weeks to 24 weeks)

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Orange Knowledge Programme Funding Source

The Dutch ministry of foreign affairs in collaboration with NUFFIC will is responsible for the funding of this scholarship during the academic period and part of the scholarship will cover your tuition fees, travels, visa and insurance while other miscellaneous cost should be covered by you.

Note: The Orange Knowledge Scholarship (OKP) 2024 is a Fully Funded Scholarship available for international students to study in Netherlands within the stipulated time

Eligibility Process

For comprehensive details on the eligiblity process in any of the selected countries to apply and participate for Orange Knowledge Programme should see and download information for OKP applicants While taking note of focus area for your country as only focus area of employment application will be taken and Accepted.



Some obligations and conditions should be met by the applicants if the Application for Orange knowledge scholarship programme need to be met while also you need to take note if your country’s local government needs a government statement as part of the Requirements.

Application for OKP Scholarship

Applying online for Orange knowledge programme is not possible as you will need to check the course for the designated institution and then confirm the Education institution of the specific Course on how to apply for scholarship in their institution. (See Full details) above for these courses.

Criteria Use in Application


For full information on what criteria use in Applying for Orange knowledge programme scholarship, See (information for OKP applicants) above as you can’t determine that online.

Procedures for selection

1. Dutch Institution selected for applying OKP Scholarship.

2. Applicants are nominated and Candidates grants are submitted.


3. Assessment of eligibility via embassy.

4. Publishing selected applicants results

5. Scholarship/grants awarded.

Application Deadline for Orange Knowledge Scholarship 2024

The Programme will end on 31 December 2024. As a result, there will be no application rounds in 2024. It is expected that Applicants are required to message their preferred institutions for specific deadlines date.

For more information check scholarship website

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