University of Southern Queensland international PhD Stipend Scholarship 2023

Scholarships are available for International Students to Study in Australia for PhD Programmes as the University of Southern Queensland international PhD Stipend Scholarship 2023 is Currently Open.  This is a PhD Stipend Scholarships for international students studying, or commencing the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in 2023.

Scholarships is Focus on Research Topic in Multiple Fields at the University of Southern Queensland (unisq) as all you Need to Do is to Connect with the right Supervisor and Forward the best CV to Him or Her and stating Why You are One of the Best to Work with the Supervisor and the Research Group to Stand a Chance of Qualifying for USQ Research Stipend PhD Scholarship. You may Check out Australian National University Scholarship for International Students 2023

Scholarship Details

Country: Australia
Host: University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ)
Study Level: PhD
Type: Fully Funded
Gender: Males and Females
Award taken in: Australia
Target: International Students

List of Available Research Areas | University of Southern Queensland 2023

  • Numerical Investigation of Spray Phenomena
  • Respiratory Limitations to Exercise in Endurance Trained Older Adults
  • Critical Editions of a Number of Pre-1960 Australian or British Symphonic Works
  • Molecular Identification and Host Range of Powdery Mildew Fungi Infecting Horticultural Crops
  • Development of Precision Livestock Farming Tools
  • Applied economics and policy issues
  • Energy Savings by Adopting Precision Agriculture
  • Exploring the Innovative Uses of Solar Shading in Greenhouse Crop Production
  • Practical Applications of Machine Vision and Control Theory
  • Ultra-high Performance Concretes Reinforced by Carbon Nanotubes/Graphene
  • Optimal exercise testing and training approaches for improving cardio-metabolic health in young people with intellectual disability
  • Cloud Computing Security and Privacy
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Building Information Model (BIM) Development and Application
  • Hydrogen production from sugarcane bagasse using gasification
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Sustainable Development of Agriculture
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Wireless Communications and Biomedical Signal Classification
  • Development of Bio-Composites Using Renewable Agricultural Biomass
  • The Economics of Child Health and Wellbeing
  • Investigation into Alternative Fuels
  • Modelling Tropical Cyclones for Disaster Risk Management with Deep Learning Approaches
  • Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Sewage Sludge
  • Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Sewage Sludge
  • Airborne LiDAR Data and High Resolution Imagery for Natural Resource and Environmental Management
  • Compact Local Approximations, Based on Integrated Radial Basis Functions, For Solving Mechanics Problems
  • Language Teacher Development in Technology Integration
  • Development of High-performance Topological Insulators for high speed chips
  • Conceptual design of an trial hip prosthesis embedded with compression and torque sensors
  • Swarm of UAVs for broad acre farming
  • Big Data Security Mechanism
  • Ecosystem Services and Resilient Farming Systems
  • English as an additional language and cross-cultural variations in a different learning environment: Pedagogical approaches to success
  • Cultural Heritage Research: Critical Heritage Studies
  • Improved Use of Seasonal Climate Forecast for Agricultural Production Assessment and Farmer Decision Support
  • Suicide Talk: Client, Clinician and Online Interactions
  • Evaluation of traffic flow characteristics under mixed traffic condition
  • Airborne LiDAR Data for High Quality DEM Generation and Applications
  • End effector design for fruit picking
  • Dust Suppression Technology For Mining Areas in Queensland
  • Industrial Application of Naturally Induced Swirling Flows
  • An analysis of current and future opportunities for biomethane production in Australia
  • Advanced Turbulent Combustion Modelling
  • Overload structural assessment using load-monitoring data and artificial intelligence
  • Global Childhoods: Lifeworlds and Educational Success in Australia and Asia
  • Novel Forward Osmosis Concentration Technology for Anaerobic Sewage Treatment
  • Disaster Risk Early Warning System: Flood Forecasting with Copula Models and Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Platform Chemical Production Using Novel Biorefinery
  • Data Mining From Big Data Sources
  • Machine Learning Based Statistical Methods For Object-Based Imagery and Lidar Data Analysis and Classification
  • Developing a generic framework for implementing a circular economy in an Australian regional centre
  • Auto-Reconstruction of Realistic Head Modelling of EEG
  • Footwear Sole Pressure for Crime Suspect Identification
  • Assessment of waste aggregation and codigestion for increased adoption of biogas opportunities for Australian agriculture
  • Innovative Technologies for Converting Food Waste to Energy
  • Development of Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring Techniques
  • Dissipative Particle Dynamics Modelling of Highly Dispersed Suspensions
  • Food and Culture: Consuming Migrant Culture
  • Modelling of Wind-Generated Waves
  • Trauma Informed Behaviour Support: Evaluation of the digital adaptation of a teacher education program.
  • Authorisation Management of Medical and Healthcare Networks in Cloud Computing
  • Analysing Multi-variable Signals Using Wavelet Based Independent Component Analysis
  • A Study of any Australian Composer Or Genre of the 20th Century
  • Dispersion of Contaminants in Turbulent Flows: Theory and Applications
  • Animal Monitoring Via Noise Recognition
  • Toxic and Odorous Gas Abatement System Combining Slurry Sorption and Electrochemical Regeneration
  • Understanding the Adaptive Capacity of the Cotton Industry Under Climate Variability and Water Policy

Check the Full List Of PhD Programs HERE


Eligibility Requirements for University of Southern Queensland international PhD Stipend Scholarship 2023

  • Applicants Must have Completed Bachelor Degree with First Class Honours, or equivalent level
  • One Full-time Students will be Eligible for PhD Scholarship at UniSQ
  • Must Either be Current Student or Have Applied for PhD Programs at the University
  • International Students From all Parts of the World Except Australians and New Zealand Citizens.
  • Applicants Must Not Have Benefits From Previous Australian Government HDR Scholarship
  • Must Commence Study in 2023 as Deferred Admission is not Allowed

Benefits Of UniSQ International Stipend Scholarship 2022-2023 | Fully Funded

Stipend of AUD $32,000 per annum will be Awarded for the following

  • Full Tuition Fee waiver
  • Accommodation
  • Thesis Allowance/Grants
  • Healthcare Coverage
  • Book and Board Allowance
  • Air Round Tickets

Note that Applicants will be Awarded Scholarships based on the Following;

  • Research Proposal
  • Research Records from Supervisory team
  • Based on Research experience and academic Merit
  • Research Must align with University Prioritize Academic Areas

Documents Required

• Curriculum vitae;
• Preliminary Research Thesis Topic Proposal (DOC 48KB).
• Education qualifications (testamur and academic transcripts for all undergraduate and postgraduate awards);
• List of any research presentations and/or publications
• Documentation confirming citizenship.

How to Apply
  • Applicants Must have enroll for Admission or Be a Current Student, to apply for Admission Click HERE
  • Find a Course above and Connect to a Supervisor HERE by Entering the Supervisor Name you Found on the Research Thesis Topic
  • After Enrolling for Admission, Submit an Online Application form with All Supporting Documents HERE for University of Southern Queensland international PhD Stipend Scholarship 2023
Application Deadline

The Application Closing Date for UniSQ International PhD Stipend Scholarship for 2023 is 31st May 2023, Ensure You Complete an Application before Deadline Date.

Further information about this scholarship can be obtained from the Graduate Research School at [email protected]

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