Chevening Scholarship 2023-2024 Application | Requirements and Courses

Sponsored by the Government of the United kingdom, Chevening Scholarships Application is now widely open for candidate in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica which means Countries in these continents are eligible to Apply. Chevening Scholarship 2023-2024 is Funded by Commonwealth development and partner organization. This Scholarship is a fully funded one year program by the Government of the united kingdom which is an international Programme and Application commence 12th September 2023.

Chevening Scholarship is for Advance studies in master’s degree programme for Passionate and love for Excellence, vision and skills for undergraduate students in Every countries irrespective of the landmass, Socio-economic difference and Ethnic Background. When selected you have a chance to know UK’s diverse range of culture.

Chevening Scholarship 2023-2024 is a fully funded Scholarship by the UK Government which covers tuition fees, Housing expenses and Allowance. You get Access to some of the best and top notch quality education in the UK with Networking opportunities. Laying more emphasis on Quality education, you get Scholarship to highly placed Universities in the UK to continue a one year master’s degree programme in the united kingdom. Apply Griffith University Scholarships for International Students Application 2023-2024

Chevening Offers you the right path to achieve your Career Goals which means it’s offering a mouth watering quality education to your one year master’s degree program and then you return to your home country to lighten up your Careers decision where it matters most and Impact your community better. You join more than 50,000 global alumni students worldwide which you are entitled to some wide range of benefits.

Scholarship Details

Country: United Kingdom
Host: British Chevening, UK
Type: Fully Funded
Study Level: Masters / MPhil
Award Taken in: UK
No of Scholarship: N/A
Gender: Males and Females
Target: International Students

Eligibility Requirements for Chevening Scholarship 2023-2024

You must reside in any of the Chevening Scholarship Eligible countries

  • You must return to your home countries and stay up to 2 years before further decision
  • An offer of Admission must be received by you from UK’s university to get Chevening Scholarship.
  • Minimum of two years working experience
  • Application Requirements for Chevening Scholarship 2023-2024
  • You will have to meet up with the Application Requirements for Chevening Scholarship 2024 for your Application to be valid and these Requirements are as follows
  • Your list of course must be three which should be under Chevening Scholarship preferred list of courses to study.
  • You will need two references which should include the name and contact details of these reference you have choose, (Professionally or Capacity wise)
  • Your past Academics, Employment and Details is needed to be uploaded online when filing the Application form.

An essay is required of nothing less than 500 words, your essay should be centered on these four main topics which are as follows;

  • Why You choose to further Your master’s degree in UK
  • Leadership as what qualities do you portrays as a leader.
  • Networking as you get to meet with fellow Counterpart from different countries
  • Lastly, the future plans you intend to pursue in your home countries thereafter.

Please Note: After Applying online for Chevening Scholarship 2024, Successful applicants will be contacted via UK’s Embassy to come and Conduct an interview as this interview will covers professional and Personal Goals.

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Courses Offered

It is advisable to select three similar courses in three different Universities as chances to be Admitted into any one of them is higher. Remember to choose the three courses carefully before submitting your application as chances to Change it at a later date will not be allowed. Early application are given priority so it is advisable to get to apply as soon as possible. An unconditional offer must be issued to the applicant by the university to have a chance of getting Chevening Scholarship 2023-2024.

How to Check Courses Offered for Chevening Scholarship 2024

  • Visit this page Here
  • Scroll down and Look for The search which include the course or university and the Region.

UK Government Scholarship

  • Enter the Course of preference (Microbiology) as seen below.

Study in UK for Masters


  • This will bring out the list of Universities in the UK who offers the course under Chevening Scholarship.

Masters Scholarship

How To Apply for Chevening Scholarship

  • First of all, Go to this page via this Link
  • Select your country

Chevening Scholarship

  • Choose between Having a Scholarship or a Fellowship and proceed with the online application for Chevening Scholarship 2022-2023.



Application Deadline

The deadline for Applicants to make final submission to their application haven provide all necessary information should be 7th November 2023.

Ensure you meet all Criteria before you make a final submission, You can also intensify enquires about Chevening Scholarship 2023-2024 Application from the official website.



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