Manulife life Lessons Scholarship for 2023 Application Online

Over the years, Manulife has been changing life of Average citizens who finds their selves in a difficulty situation and in other to help them especially Canadian students who wants a post secondary Education but couldn’t afford a means of who to sponsor their Education as a result of Death of their parents/Guardian or Caretaker hence the Introduction of Manulife life lessons scholarship for 2023.

The purpose of Establishing Manulife was because they Help to make Absolute Decisions and Create a Balance to make peoples lives better. Manulife is Know ad John Hancock in the United States but Outside the states remains Manulife as they help to manage finances and Gives financial Advice, Assist in Managing your wealth and management and also provides Insurance to your most valuable Asset.

they are not limited in managing Financial Solutions to only Individuals but as well Creates Solutions to Wealth, Insurance for Groups, Firms and organizations.

This Scholarship program is specially for Canadians who have lost their loved ones either parents or Guardians to health Conditions or hazards. if you are in a difficult situation of Supporting your Education needs and there are no support from all Angles with no Insurance then Applying for Manulife life lessons scholarship for 2023.

Scholarship Program Details 

Country: Canada
Host: Manulife Life lessons Scholarship
Award: ($10000) Annually
Programs: Bachelor, Associate degree or trade School program
Availability: for Canadian Citizens

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Who needs Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship program

Manulife Life lessons Scholarship program are for financially stranded Canadian citizens who have lost parents or guardian and without an Insurance. During these trial period there are Challenges if there is no relations to support them and they may not be able to cater for their needs including financially supporting their Education. Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship program 2023 will help ease the Financial Burden of post Secondary education as many young People are Facing Uphill task to cater for their Daily Needs.

Manulife life lesson scholarship will help cater for their Financial needs through their College or university Days by supporting them. Apply for a life lesson scholarship 2023 sponsor by Manulife as this will greatly ease a Financial burden to finance your Education.

Who Are Eligible for Manulife life Lesson Scholarship

The Manulife Life Lesson Scholarship Program 2023 Application is now open and the Qualified candidates who are Eligible to Apply are as follows;

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen.
  • Candidates must be between 17 and 24 years of age at the time of application
  • Applicants Must have lost a parent or legal guardian who had little or no life insurance records or coverage

Documents Required

Canadian National ID
Secondary School Certification
Certificate of proof of Age
Proof of Address

Scholarship Benefits

Successful Applicants of Manulife Life Lesson Scholarship Program 2023 will be Awarded Up to $10000 Canadian Dollars per annum.

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Application process

Interested Canadian Students For post Secondary Education will need to Apply for this Scholarship bearing this in Mind as it will be Demanded during the Application process.


Name of the Applicant
Date of Birth (DOB)
Address, Phone number and Email
Essay of not more than 500 Words why you need the Life Lesson Scholarship Program or;
3 Minutes video on how the Death of your parents or guardian has Affected your Financial Status.

NOTE: Essay Should not be more than 500 words or 3 minutes video as anything longer will not be Accepted and will be Automatically disqualified from the Scholarship Program.

How to Apply

Interested Applicants who are Canadian Citizens or Students and in dire need of a Financial Support to Cater for their Education needs Should apply via the Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship website.


Official Scholarship website  Here     |      Scholarship Submission Page APPLY HERE

FAQ – Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship

Do Manulife has a Scholarship For International students?

NO, this Scholarship is only for Canadian Students who have lost parents or Guardian to Death with no or little Life Insurance.


Are the Scholarship for Graduate and Postgraduate Degree Program?

NO, this is only available for College, University or Trade School

Manulife life Lessons Scholarship Renewable?

Yes, this is an Annual Scholarship award of up to $10000 Canadian Dollar

Will International Students be Able to Benefits from this scholarship program in the Future?

Manulife did not specify if this scholarship program will be Available for International as the Financial and Wealth Management firm is only Concerned about Students with not Parents or Guardian Living in Canada.



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