Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024

There are Fully Funded Opportunities In Saudi Arabia’s Batterjee Medicine College. It is a Good to Know that Foreign Students Who are Interested in Medical Scholarship can Apply at the College to Get Funded Once Applicants Meet the Eligibility Requirements.

Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 is a Wonderful Opportunities as Scholarships is Need Basic and Also Excellence Academic Record. The Need Base Situation Scholarship will Help you to obtain up to 35% Scholarship Funding While Studying at the University.

Batterjee Medicine College has Also Given Opportunities to International Students with excellent academic achievement, This Scholarship could Help Applicants to Cover Up their tuition fee for Up to 3 to 5 Years based on the Unconditional Admission offer at the University to Foreign Students. Medical Scholarships for International Students in Zhengzhou University 2023

About Batterjee Medicine College 

The Batterjee Medicine College is one of leading Medical College in Saudi Arabia, Founded in 2006 the college can Accommodate up to 7000 Domestic and International Students Per Year and Also has Graduated thousands of Doctors.

There are opportunities for Internships through Private and Government Hospitals in Saudi Arabia while Students goes through Effective Training in Clinical and Effective Communication  while the Improve their Knowledge and Learning across their Various Faculties at the College.

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Batterjee Medicine College will Help to Shape your Line of Expertise in the Field of Medicine and You can Become the desired doctor, nurse, veterinarian, therapist, researcher, and allied healthcare professional you have always dream to Become as these Profession are in Full Demands in the World.

The are Founding Opportunities for Both Saudi Arabia Domestic and also International Students as We take a Look at the List of the Scholarship Opportunities in Batterjee Medicine College.

Funding Opportunities for Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships for Students 2023-2024

  • Al-Forsan Scholarship
  • Daem Financial Aid Program
  • Tomoh Program
  • Tamkeen Scholarship Program
  • Ehsan Scholarship Program
  • Maslak Program
  • Iqraa Scholarship
  • Abna’a Al Shuhada’s Scholarship
  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Exceptional Discount

Al-Forsan Scholarship Batterjee Medicine College for International Students 2023-2024

This is one of the most suitable Scholarship for International Students as All Countries are Included to Participate in the scholarship. It Provide Full Funding Scholarship to desirable Foreign Students with High and excellent Academic Records.

Scholarship Details

Country: Saudi Arabia
Host: Batterjee Medicine College
Type: Full Scholarship (If Eligible)
Award t be Taken in: Saudi Arabia
Gender: Both Males and Females
Study Level: Undergraduate ONLY
Nationalities: International Students

There are Certain Terms and Conditions to Know for Interested International Students as they Prepare to Apply Al-Forsan Scholarship at the Batterjee Medicine College

Terms Of Scholarship (Al-Forsan)

Al-forsan Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships 2023 is for both Current or Newly registered Students in BMC and these are the Terms for this Scholarship at the College;


  • Applicants or Students Must possess 95% and Above in High School while BMC Current students should also achieve same before Applying for Scholarship.
  • Applicants must not have a Bad records in his/her Country of Domicile or other Countries where visited or they will stand to lose the Scholarship.
  • Scholarship are renew every year once students where able to meet the Criteria for scholarship.
  • 85% Grade (calculated according to student performance each year) is demand to gt a renewable Al-forsan Scholarship and Continue your study.
  • 80%-84% will have their scholarship Reduced by 50% and Students will subsequently pay the remaining 50% fee.
  • 80% Grade there will no Scholarship as Students will Pay all Expenses including Tuition in Full.

Eligibility for Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 | Criteria

Here are the Eligibility requirements for Al-forsan Scholarship for International students as other Scholarships and Financial coverage have their own Requirements Separately;

  • Applicant Must have high academic Record from High School inline with Saudi International Curriculum (95% high school result).
  • Applicants leadership, team work and positive communication skills are Encourage to Apply
  • Applicants Must be willing to Actively participate in community service.
  • Applicants Must pass Al-Forsan test on the science subjects, held in Batterjee Medicine College.
  • International Students From all Counties can Apply.

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Scholarship Financial Coverage

Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 Applicants who passes both the Al-forsan Test and Interview will be Awarded a  tuition fees up to 600,000 Saudi Riyals as Subsequent Scholarship Renewal is Based on Students Performance, Refer Back to the Terms of Al-forsan Scholarship Above.


After Graduation Students will Undergo a one year Internship (Can be paid/Unpaid)

Batterjee Medical college Admission Requirements

  • Applicant must have a high school certificate with science subjects attested by the concerned ministries.
  • For the British curriculum: “O level” transcript must include the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and English. ”AS/A level” transcript must include 2 subjects Biology & Chemistry/Physics.
  • AS/A level transcript must include 2 subjects Biology and Chemistry/Physics.
  • High school certificate must not be older than 5 years.

NOTE: High school applicants will join Preparatory Year. After that, they will be accepted into the program based on their choices, merit, and availability of seats.

Undergraduate Courses Batterjee Medical College

  • Accounting of Healthcare
  • Bachelor’s program in Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Economics and Finance of Healthcare
  • FAST Program
  • Management of Healthcare
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy

Duration of Undergraduate Courses Batterjee Medicine College 

  • Preparatory Year – 1 year (For all Courses Except Health Administration program)
  • Medicine – 5 Years
  • Dentistry – 5 Years
  • Pharmacy – 4 years
  • Respiratory Therapy – 3 Years
  • Physical Therapy – 3 Years
  • Radiology – 3 years
  • Sciences (Sponsored) – 3 years
  • Nursing (Sponsored) – 3 Years
  • Occupational Therapy – 3 Years
  • Health Admiration Program – 4 Years
How to Apply

Interested Applicants who meet the Eligibility requirements Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 (Al-forsan Scholarship) should Fill and Submit their Online Application Here


About Al-Forsan test

The Al-Forsan test will be Conducted in Areas like General Knowledge, Chemistry, Physics, Religion, English Language, Computer Science, Self-esteem, and Managerial skills. We Expected Applicants to be very Good in these Areas as the Competition is Very High.

Seeking Individuals Who have Gone for the test will help in Improving your Chances of Obtaining a Fully Funded Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 as Program Starts in September 2023.

Is IELTS Mandatory for Batterjee Medicine College Scholarships?

One of the Question that will be going through your thought is that does Batterjee medical College Demand IELTS. The Answer is YES because these Undergraduate Courses will be Taught in English and a Proficiency in English will be Demanded EXCEPT in Situation if You Can Convince the Committee you Have Study in English and Can Provide Proofs of your Efficient and Effective English Communication Skills.

To Know more About other Scholarships Visit Here wish All Applicants Goodluck….



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