101 PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium for International Students 2023-2024

Apply for Open PhD Position at KU Leuven in Belgium, these PhD Programmes are Currently open for International students for the 2023-2024 Academic session. There are about 101 PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium for International Students 2023-2024 and Also get the chance to Work with group of researchers after completing Your PhD thesis at KU Leuven.

Each PhD Programmes at the University has expected deadline date as application will be taken into consideration after receiving application. Do You want to participate for a fully funded PhD research programs? this is an opportunity to apply for any of the available PhD programmes.

While working under the Guidance of a Supervisor, applicants will benefits from yearly stipend or salary and also travel grants will be issued during the cause of your PhD vacancies Belgium. Apply for Griffith University Scholarships for International Students Application 2023-2024

About KU Leuven University in Belgium 

The University is one of the highest ranked Universities in Belgium and a topping the List of the one of the oldest University in Europe. The University is Known for it’s research and quality Education that offers Bachelor, Masters, PhD and Postdoctoral research Programs.

The KU Leuven University was founded in the year 1425 that is well knowm for it’s Rich history of researches. There are 15 faculties at the University which are Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Faculty of Canon Law, Institute of Philosophy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Social Sciences., Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences among others.

Scholarships Details

Country: Belgium
Host:  KU Leuven University
Type: Fully Funded
Study Level: PhD with Salary
Gender: Males and Females
Award taken in: Belgium
Target: International students

Research Areas | KU Leuven PhD Positions

    • Theology
      Pharmaceutical & Pharmacological Sciences
      Movement Sciences
      Development and Regeneration
      Communication – Media
      Political Science – Public Management
      Educational Sciences
      Public Health
      Microbial and Molecular Systems
      Civil Engineering
      Cellular and Molecular Medicine
      Materials Engineering
      Electrical Engineering
      Chemical Engineering
      Physics and Astronomy
      Mechanical Engineering
      Engineering Technology
      Computer Science
      Bioscience Engineering
      Engineering Science

Open Positions KU Leuven University In Belgium 2023

Interactions between river-geomorphology, carbon transport and floodplain carbon

PEF-induced cell permeabilisation of plant tissue to steer aroma functionality

PhD in de kunsten over de rol van kunst/design in de perceptie van personen met dementie

Linking production variabilities and geometrical imperfections to the performance of 3D-printed locally resonant metamaterials (APRIORI DC4)

PhD positie ivm fysieke activiteitstudies na transplantatie

Silicate condensation into ordered and disordered materials


PhD student to explore how temperature affects embryonic development

PhD position on Interfacial Stabilization of Water-Water Interfaces

PhD position: Signal processing for EEG-based brain-computer interfaces


PhD position in Self-Reinforced Poly(Lactic Acid) Composites

MucorVax – Development of a first-in-class fungal vaccine candidate

PhD position on Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy

PhD in solar wind plasma physics


Voltijdse aanstelling als assistent (assisterend academisch personeel, A.A.P.)

Full-time doctoraatsbursaal “Veranderende blik, veranderende perceptie bij personen met dementie”

PhD position: Developing optimal experience sampling measures of psychological processes

PhD project: Cross-talk between circadian clock genes and nutrient sensing pathways in the human gut


PhD position: The real-time dynamics of affective recovery from stress, and social interaction

Measurement Uncertainty in Digital Twins for Cardiac Electrophysiology

PhD position: The real-time dynamics of affective recovery from stress, and social interaction

Accelerated photoacoustic imaging of (bio)mechanical properties

Kastelen in 3D: innovatie in digitale onderzoeksmethoden voor verdwenen middeleeuws erfgoed in de Lage Landen

Doctoraatsbursaal in de kunsten voor een onderzoeksproject “Educational film as Scholé. Re-imagining the School Through the Eyes of the Camera”

Satelliet data en modelleren om gewasgroei te schatten op continentale schaal

PhD position: Airway basal stem cells function in respiratory diseases

PhD on Agrivoltaics: combining sustainable energy and crop production

Assistent-doctoraatsonderzoeker O2L

Doctoraatsbursaal voor onderzoek naar Engelse taalvaardigheid bij kinderen

PhD in electromagnetic risk assessment of wireless communications

PhD Position: Methods for Nonconvex Optimization in Engineering

Doctoraatsbursaal voor onderzoek naar taalbarrières in gevangenissen

PhD Stakeholderperspectieven op gentherapie in cardiomyopathie

PhD Position: Processes for Chemical Energy Storage

PhD position image of humanity@work

Digital twin of spray applications in orchards with computational fluid dynamics

Fully-funded PhD position: Optimisation algorithms for 3D irregular cutting & packing problems

PhD student- Ontwikkeling zorgpad voor darmklachten na behandeling rectumkanker

AI for internal food quality inspection by spectral X-ray CT

PRIMORDIAL – Een voorspellingsmodel op basis van artificiële intelligentie (AI) om risicofactoren voor medicatie-gerelateerde osteonecrose van de kaken op te sporen

PhD position on data science with tensor decompositions

Doctoraatsbursaal Onderwijseconomie aan Work & Organisation Studies

Into the pathogenesis of autoinflammatory diseases and macrophage activation syndrome

Metabolic alterations in skeletal progenitors during osteoporotic bone loss

Doctoraatsbursaal Wiskunde KULAK

One-year PhD position in classical Latin Literature

Vierjarige (PhD) positie voor een junior onderzoeker in de variatiesociolinguïstiek

PhD Position in Programming Languages

Doctoraatsbursaal stressregulatie bij kinderen met ernstig meervoudige beperkingen

Four-year PhD position ‘Schelling’s Philosophical Theology. Tracing the Idea of the Absolute’

Onderzoek naar optimalisaren van teststrategiën om met softwarevariabiliteit om te gaan

Context aware machine learning approaches for condition monitoring of rotating machinery

Theoretical and computational personnel scheduling

PhD on low-carbon concrete with reduced thermal conductivity

Inzichtelijke modellering en algoritme-ontwikkeling voor personeelsplanning beslissingsondersteuning

Doctoraatsbursaal taalpragmatiek (Engels & Nederlands)

Physics-inspired machine learning techniques for the estimation of the remaining useful life of bearings exploiting strain and vibration information

OE Romeins Recht en Rechtsgeschiedenis – doctoraatsbursaal (100%) – koloniale rechtsgeschiedenis

PhD position on multi-modal sensor fusion for AI-driven remote rehabilitation

PhD position: In situ operando NMR during adsorption in porous materials

PhD Position on >800v powertrains in electric vehicles

Wetenschappelijk medewerker/PhD-student Netwerk Leiderschapsontwikkeling in Zorg

PhD Research Position on Computer vision and X-ray imaging for circular economy applications

4 year PhD position in the area of footwear and running

PhD-positie: Identiteitsgebonden pesten bij kinderen en de rol van leerkrachten

Cardiaal specifieke gen-targeting-benadering bij diastolisch hartfalen

PhD or Postdoc Research Position on Robotic Sorting for Recycling

Immunopathogenesis of malaria-associated acute kidney injury

Unraveling the pathophysiology of Virus-Associated Pulmonary Aspergillosis

PhD position on ‘Collaborative conditions of co-creation networks’

A tailored intervention to prevent age-related declines in muscle power and functional ability

Doctoraatspositie: de ontwikkeling van gehechtheid en de rol van dopamine

Doctoraatsbursaal (100%) geoarcheologie

Quality control within Injection Moulding exploiting data and physical models (APRIORI DC5)

Separation of medical radioisotopes by solvent extraction in milliflow reactors

Development of organ-on-chip sensors to monitor cardiac tissue

PhD in Omics and cell-based disease models to explore novel causes of bleeding

Doctoraatsbursaal ‘Kwantitatieve analyse van sociale investering in hoogopgeleide vluchtelingen’

Data collection and kinetic modelling of constituent reactivity in very low clinker cements

Doctoraatsonderzoeker Computertaalkunde

Doctoraatsbursaal (100%) Ecologische, premoderne geschiedenis

Multi-diagnostic NMR/DRS spectroscopy for H2 storage in nano-confined hydrates.

PhD position: the role of soil colloids and nanofertilizers on phosphorus bioavailability to plants

Vacature doctoraatsbursaal (PhD) – An Ancestor’s Tale: Attitudes towards wealth redistribution in 19th- and 20th-century Belgium

Impact of environmental nitrogen deposition on allergic disease burden.

PhD position: The effect of soil structure on the bioavailability of trace metals

Development of model-based robust design methodologies for lubricated gearboxes

Muscle epigenetics and long-term physical outcome after critical illness

Molecular mechanisms and evolution of developmental plasticity

Vacature doctoraatsbursaal (PhD) – An Ancestor’s Tale: Family formation and wealth mobility in 19th-century Belgium

PhD position in digital manufacturing

Doctoraatsbursaal gezocht voor het FWO-project ‘Meaning and Material’

IoT in de landbouw: Ontwikkeling van innovatieve sensoren voor de opvolging van melkkwaliteit, gezondheid en welzijn bij melkvee (doctoraat)

Assessment of Mechanical Dyssynchrony as Selection Criterion for CRT Treatment

Doctoral researcher in Lifestyle EpiGenetics and Male Fertility with a strong background in Bioinformatics

Development of novel methodologies and models for milk quality monitoring (PhD)

The platelet lipidome, a key regulator of platelet inflammatory and procoagulant functions during sepsis

Implementing AI in gut health diagnostics and monitoring in poultry

PhD Position on Modeling of Energy Systems and Markets

Doctoral researcher in Bioinformatics with interest in Environmental Pollution and Human Epigenetics


Eligibility Requirements for PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium for International Students 2023-2024

  • All Nationalities are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants Must have completed Masters Degree Program in related field.
  • Applicants Must be Fluent in English both Oral and Written
  • Applicants Must be research incline and have prior experience
  • Ability to Work with teams of Researchers
  • Speaking Dutish Language is a plus
  • Each Course has its Specific requirements

Benefits of PhD Positions at KU Leuven

These Open ku leuven PhD Positions comes with salary which varies from faculties to faculties. Candidates will also be grant family and Child allowance including Travel Grants.

How to Apply

Interested applicants for PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium for International Students 2022-2023 (253 open positions) are to visit the Ku Leuven website HERE

Application Deadline

Application closing dates for PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium varies

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