253 PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium for International Students 2022-2023

Apply for Open PhD Position at KU Leuven in Belgium, these PhD Programmes are Currently open for International students for the 2022-2023 Academic session. There are about 253 PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium for International Students 2022-2023 and Also get the chance to Work with group of researchers after completing Your PhD thesis at KU Leuven.

Each PhD Programmes at the University has expected deadline date as application will be taken into consideration after receiving application. Do You want to participate for a fully funded PhD research programs? this is an opportunity to apply for any of the available PhD programmes.

While working under the Guidance of a Supervisor, applicants will benefits from yearly stipend or salary and also travel grants will be issued during the cause of your PhD vacancies Belgium. Apply for Griffith University Scholarships for International Students Application 2022-2023

About KU Leuven University in Belgium 

The University is one of the highest ranked Universities in Belgium and a topping the List of the one of the oldest University in Europe. The University is Known for it’s research and quality Education that offers Bachelor, Masters, PhD and Postdoctoral research Programs.

The KU Leuven University was founded in the year 1425 that is well knowm for it’s Rich history of researches. There are 15 faculties at the University which are Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Faculty of Canon Law, Institute of Philosophy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Social Sciences., Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences among others.

Scholarships Details

Country: Belgium
Host:  KU Leuven University
Type: Fully Funded
Study Level: PhD with Salary
Gender: Males and Females
Award taken in: Belgium
Target: International students

Research Areas | KU Leuven PhD Positions

    • Theology
      Pharmaceutical & Pharmacological Sciences
      Movement Sciences
      Development and Regeneration
      Communication – Media
      Political Science – Public Management
      Educational Sciences
      Public Health
      Microbial and Molecular Systems
      Civil Engineering
      Cellular and Molecular Medicine
      Materials Engineering
      Electrical Engineering
      Chemical Engineering
      Physics and Astronomy
      Mechanical Engineering
      Engineering Technology
      Computer Science
      Bioscience Engineering
      Engineering Science

Open Positions KU Leuven University In Belgium 2023

  • 2 Doctoral Positions – Project: Decolonization of the Church in Congo
  • PhD position in the ‘Space for Healthy Organizations’ interdisciplinary research program
  • PhD Low-power ASIC design for IoT security
  • PhD Position Civil Engineering
  • CFD modeling of airflow and spray distribution in plant structures
  • PhD position in Macro-Economics
  • PhD project unraveling the Mechanisms of Action of Anabolic Osteoporosis Therapy
  • PhD student for decoding of neural signals
  • PhD position “Development of polymer blends containing humins”
  • Biomechanics and mechanobiology of the bone-cartilage interface
  • PhD in super-resolution X-ray CT and multiscale modelling of horticultural products
  • PhD in phytosanitary inspection of horticultural products based on innovative X-ray imaging and deep learning
  • PhD on the role of programmed cell death during tomato fruit ripening
  • PhD student on exploring structural dynamics of fluorescent proteins at KU Leuven
  • PhD position:  Bottom-up reconstruction of a self-dividing artificial cell using microfluidics
  • PhD position in machine learning and bioacoustics for animal welfare
  • PhD position to investigate the diversity of banana responses to abiotic stress as a solution for climate change
  • Analysis of solar active region images and flare forecasting using AI/ML
  • PhD researcher in public policy: How do expert arguments survive in policy decisions?
  • Automatisering van het leefloon
  • (PhD) Researcher Decision Support with Knowledge-based AI
  • PhD student – Hyperspectral retinal imaging as a novel diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease
  • PhD position ligand-gated ion channels
  • PhD – Hardware Security for Smart Electric Vehicles
  • Intraneuronal energy channeling as a prerequisite for functional CNS repair
  • Research in Environmental Sustainability in sports
  • PhD position ‘Empowering Palliative Care Teams in Flemish hospitals’
  • Vacancy for a doctoral researcher on “Individual-based assessment of biodiversity in policy implementation”
  • PhD Position on wind-farm flow modelling
  • ESR 3 – From static to dynamic Inland Electronic Navigation Charts (IENC)
  • ERC-CoG SUPERSTARS-3D PhD positions: “3D radiation-hydrodynamical model atmospheres of massive stars”
  • Researcher for machine learning technologies in fabric enhancer formulations with PhD possibility
  • PhD Position ‘The Sustainable Turn in Urbanism’ – historical research track
  • PhD Position ‘The Sustainable Turn in Urbanism’ – research-by-design track
  • Development of flexible multibody models with manufacturing tolerances
  • Phd on Process chains for the development of an integrated point-of-care platform
  • PhD position “Employee Workplace Participation and Industry 4.0 Technological Adoption: A comparative study of the influence of Workplace Participation Forums on Employee Quality of Working Life”
  • PhD: Ultrasound assisted encapsulation
  • PhD position – Automated insect recognition combining novel sensing technologies with artificial intelligence for smart ecosystem monitoring
  • PhD – Structural Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Complex Systems including Composites and 3D Printed Structures
  • The ERC-CoG SUPERSTARS-3D team is offering 2 PhD positions to work on 3D modelling of massive stars’ atmospheres
  • Drying of Pickering emulsions and destabilization mechanisms
  • PhD vacancy on Genetic and physiological regulation of doubled haploid (DH) production in crop breeding
  • Development of microfluidic point-of-care test for infectious diseases diagnosis
  • PhD (or postdoc) on “Bottom-up manufacture of artificial cytotoxic cells”
  • Development of novel methodologies and models for milk quality monitoring (PhD)
  • IoT in agriculture: Development of novel sensors for online milk quality and cow health and welfare monitoring (PhD)
  • PhD position on the ethical aspects of precision medicine
  • 2 Phd Vacancies in the History of Science at the University of Leuven: Brazilian and Indian Scientific Societies and the Globalization of Science (1930-1990)
  • PhD position on Carbon footprinting through Life Cycle assessment for smallholders farmers in Ecuador – Huella de carbono a través de la evaluación del ciclo de vida para pequeños agricultores en Ecuador
  • PhD position ‘Flanders Nursing Home (FLANH) project’
  • PhD student in Neural Symbolic AI
  • Hybrid method for realistic simulation of room acoustics in VR/AR (VRACE ESR8)
  • Microwave sensing in microfluidics for cell and extracellular vesicles characterization (MESMERIC)
  • PhD position in the field of process mining for IoT business processes
  • Four PhD positions on Applied and Numerical Algebraic Geometry
  • Two PhD positions on improving the sustainability of our foods through Life Cycle Assessments
  • PhD Scholarship Mechatronics and NDT
  • PhD position in renovation and decarbonization of buildings
  • Research and Teaching Assistant on the topic of the impact of media use on wellbeing
  • Development of nuclear polarization measurements for new physics searches
  • PhD position in Early Modern Chinese and Global History
  • Design and characterization of DNA-origami cytoskeletal structures for synthetic
  • Thermodynamic Modeller in Hydrometallurgy
  • Joint PhD position KU Leuven – Univ. of Edinburgh: Dynamical analysis of protein wave patterns that control cell division
  • PhD Position in Medicinal Chemistry
  • PhD position in the history of philosophy and logic
  • PhD on the role of the plant circadian clock in latitudinal adaptation
  • Laser spectroscopy in the Tin region at ISOLDE/CERN
  • Laser spectroscopy of fluorine isotopes.
  • Precision laser- and rf spectroscopy of short-lived bismuth isotopes
  • Constrained optimization of nonlinear uncertain systems
  • PhD position astronomy education research
  • PhD-position “psychosocial and self-development in youth with a chronic illness”
  • PhD position in membrane process for ion resource recovery
  • PhD position in optimal design of flexible heating networks
  • PhD positions in numerical optimization of additive manufactured heat exchangers
  • PhD Position on Energy Systems Modeling – Industrial decarbonization and representation of infrastructure in energy system models
  • PhD scholarship for highly motivated candidate on the perception of light and color in virtual reality.


Eligibility Requirements for PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium for International Students 2022-2023

  • All Nationalities are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants Must have completed Masters Degree Program in related field.
  • Applicants Must be Fluent in English both Oral and Written
  • Applicants Must be research incline and have prior experience
  • Ability to Work with teams of Researchers
  • Speaking Dutish Language is a plus
  • Each Course has its Specific requirements

Benefits of PhD Positions at KU Leuven

These Open ku leuven PhD Positions comes with salary which varies from faculties to faculties. Candidates will also be grant family and Child allowance including Travel Grants.

How to Apply

Interested applicants for PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium for International Students 2022-2023 (253 open positions) are to visit the Ku Leuven website HERE

Application Deadline

Application closing dates for PhD Positions at KU Leuven in Belgium varies

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